Maiden flight of my Matrice 30T

Hello everyone,
First flight of the 30T, and was worried the RTH might not be accurate, was very wrong about that one!


Hi @ArchimedesEye and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

Hi John - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Looking forward to hearing and seeing more posts about your 30T :+1:

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Looking forward to seeing a video of it flying

Welcome John. Some serious bit of kit you have there matey. :+1:

Thanks, hopefully it will be in demand, especially for the thermal images of buildings for heat insulation indication.

Impressive piece of equipment !

Must admit, it is superb to fly, just need to develop the skills via the RC! :slight_smile:

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I’m already 7K in this beast is divorce material ? Although impressive I think i’ll pass !

Would love one but as @OfficerDoofie said, divorce material :joy:.
Look forward to seeing some good stuff out of it and seeing what it can do👍

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I know this is going to attract some form of critique - but I only have to answer to my Gordon Setter dog! The 30T scares the life out of me so need some practice. Am awaiting a Firefly parachute system for the 30T which will reduce my anxiety by about 5%.

I’d love to see this in action - if you could share a video in the future :slight_smile:

Unfortunately to fire the parachute costs £299 to replace! There is a YouTube of it though,


Parachute for drone DJI Matrice 30 : Flight release tests ! @dronavia

](Parachute for drone DJI Matrice 30 : Flight release tests ! @dronavia - YouTube)

It’s a one-time deal? How do you know if it even works? :thinking: :scream:

Will find out LoL (hopefully not). However, replacement parachutes can be purchased.

Will find out LoL (hopefully not). However, replacement parachutes can be purchased.

Wish the dogs were the only thing I had to answer to sometimes :joy:. It is what it is.

Love that parachute.

I’d get one for the mini 3 but I reckon a good gust of wind from the side would launch it 3 miles away🤣