Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom Chat

Thought we might discuss as we watch?

Yes - are they broadcasting straight off their website where the see the bigger picture vid is ? It’s got the countdown on it.

Youtube too

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on it
wish that guy with the beard would sit down

I hate tardiness, 10am should mean 10am ;o)

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bloody yanks :rofl:

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here goes

He has my Apple Watch on

dislexia rules K O

26700 read the screen man

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Was that a Hassleblad logo i just saw on the front of the camera?

yep Dji bought them last year

Did they?! Ha!

i take it your at home rich

12,600 people watching this live right now…

Yes indeedy - not back at work till tues now (y)

working on the inspire i presume

nice camera spec

mmmm hyperlapse

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