Mavic Air bad camera?

So after chopping and changing my mind I did get the air and with the shocking weather today all I could do was test the camera in the garden (hand held) and… I’m disappointed, not in the resolution but… well you see if you can spot it. Both endeared except to resize

Screen capture from 4K video


The screencap of the video looks a bit washed out compared to the photo below it?

Is this not just some settings that need tweaking in GO4 mate? :thinking:

I’m looking at the horizontals, top and bottom of the bifolds there is a horrible squeezing. The slight curve at the edges is fine but the horizontals look terrible. The Mavic Pro produces straight lines…

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Something fishy going on there!
(Sorry - I couldn’t resist - I know that doesn’t help. :wink: )

Oooohhhhhhh - I see what you mean! (didn’t see it earlier when viewing on iPad mini, can see it now I’m on the laptop).

Anyone else here got their Air yet to compare notes??

And here is a close up of the centre portion which really shouldn’t show any distortion…

I would love to hear from other Air owners if they are experiencing anything similar or if this is just a bad camera/lens. Thanks

I did squeeze in a quick flight today but it was so dark and wet, it’s no real indication…

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This was the lens when I landed…

It’s very noticible on that one mate.

I’m not sure id have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out though.

I’ve got a decentred lens on the mavic pro with some blur on bottom right. Wasn’t an issue until someone pointed it out and now it’s the first thing I see on every image. Very annoying.

Loving the intro captions lol

Really windy here today so no flying but I’ll print off some lines on a piece of paper a bit later and take a shot, see if anything shows up…

Hi Peter, or if you could take some of a wall or something straight at 5-10m that would be really helpful. Thanks, James

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This might be a silly question so apologies in advance if it is… but… you were at dead-on right angles to those bifolds, right?

I mean, you weren’t off centred and holding the Air at 42 degrees or something?

That’s a very valid question and yes I believe I was. I did the same with the Mavic Pro this morning and it was much better, although also had very slight distortion, but you don’t notice it like the Air one.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the Air produces lovely crisp video that softens towards the horizon, like its focussed close at the expense of the far. Not a complaint just an observation…

Hmm, I’ll have a look around for something but here are the photos of the paper, no correction apart from a bit of contrast to make the lines more distinct. Not terribly scientific as it was hard to get the paper to stand up straight! They both appear pretty good to me although there’s a little bit of something going on in the bottom of the really close one…

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I suppose any distortion like this will only show itself on a geometric subject, 99% of the time you wouldn’t perceive it.

Have they not heard of Sellotape in your part of the world? :wink:


Sello what? :joy::rofl:

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Anyway, I’m so pissed off not being able to fly today… Tuesday is looking ok down here and Thursday even better if it doesn’t change by then. I still need to be convinced by the Air so I can stick my MP up for sale… The rumours about a March release for MP2 are growing.

… is where?
Been OK here Eastleigh/Southampton … quite nice in fact. “Other things” prevented me getting out.
Most of this week is looking OK, with possible frosty mornings Tue/Wed/Thur - winds not silly and quite a bit of sunshine. Almost no rain.
Of course … there will be other forecasts that totally contradict this, and reality won’t be either. LOL!