Mavic Air dead batteries

Can’t find anything appropriate after searching so here goes…
Recently bought two dead batteries for Mavic Air(1) on eBay hoping that they may awaken after a good long charge but no.
I am not at all technical so any replies talking about milliamps etc will go straight over my head, and I only have standard DJI charging hub, does anyone know a simple trick that maaay revive the batteries or anyone willing to have a go at them for me with appropriate recompense??

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I can only think you need to take apart the battery and try to charge each cell individually.
If the cells are left flat without charging for a while, they can go into hibernation as the cell voltage goes very low.

And stand well back :fire_extinguisher:

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Might I suggest that as you admit know nothing about these types of batteries you leave well alone and get someone to do the job for you that knows what they are doing! :rofl:


:house: :fire:


Hi all, as AIRAC rightly says with me knowing nothing about the internals of such things, if anyone within GADC knows or knows anyone who may be able to take a look at them for me that seems to be the best way to go. Otherwise they will be taken to my local recycling.

There are no simple tricks where batteries are concerned.

The Air batteries, like all DJI batteries from the Phantom 2 onward, contain battery management circuitry. One aspect of this circuitry is so that the batteries can be charged and the cells balanced without the user having to have any knowledge of battery management.

If the battery has got to such a low level that the Battery Management System (BMS) no longer recognises any charge, you could put the battery on the DJI charger for 100yrs and nothing would happen as the BMS no longer registers it is connected to a battery.

As the individual cells that make up the battery have depleted past the minimum threshold of the BMS they can be assumed to be permanently damaged. It is possible to put charge back into the cells, but this will require breaking open the battery pack and bypassing the BMS by using a regular balancing LiPo charger. However this is very dangerous if you don’t have a solid understanding of the charging process, and more often than not a complete waste of time as the cells of the battery will be incapable of holding a suitable charge when placed under load, such as being used in a Drone.

I agree with the suggestion of NOT stripping them down if you are not familiar with these beasties. The fire risk is actually quite high if you get it wrong. If you find someone nearby who can teach you about them that would be great and would help you expand your knowledge.

I’m getting the answers I was expecting.
Anyone want to have s go at them?!?!? :woozy_face::crossed_fingers::boom:

This would be my advice, as it’s cheaper than rebuilding your house after you set it on fire.

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Morning all. I seem to recall having an issue with a battery, (admittedly for a new smart watch), that refused to charge, until I performed a specific button pressing sequence that unlocked the battery. I appreciate these are different batteries, but could they be “locked”? If so, there could be a way on unlocking them? @1977paul have you tried contacting DJI?

Hi billyc847
Not going to ask DJI as I’m sure the response would be “we can sell you some new ones little boy!!!” :rofl:
I bought them on eBay knowing they not charging so it was a risk that didn’t pay off.


Thanks Sparkyws, I did read the above but am not knowledgeable enough to go down that route.
Cheers though.

I can have a crack at fixing them if you want. Although I have been doing Mavic Pro batteries (7 out of 8 sucess) also had 2 Mavic Air batteries dead. Slightly different process. This is assuming there is absolutely no swelling at all…if there is bin em!

Hi Mike T, that’s great!
As I said I bought them on eBay and don’t know if any swelling issues.
Not sure regarding GADC protocol of contacting via PM, I have no issues passing on my email address to arrange postage/fee etc.
Many thanks.

That’s what it is there for ;o)

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@MikeT I be interested as I have 1 Mavic pro battery when on charger starts charging ok and then 3rd light flashes continuously until I remove it from charger then off. No swelling.:+1:

I think 3rd light flashing is overvoltage on one of cells. Unbalanced cells can cause this. If you pop it into the mavic pro and check the battery voltage look for one that is higher or lower than the other 2. Doesn’t take much…0.1V will do it. Problem with the smart battery is the balancing circuit is pretty weak so during charge one battery will have a head start and reach max voltage before the others. A deep discharge and recharge carried out a few times will help. Otherwise its crack the case and manually balancing the cells.
Found this out during initial fix of battery as one cell was slightly out during initial charge.


Having been a long term user of battery powered professional tools I know how frustrating the deterioration of a battery can be.
I would put the purchase down to experience and buy new ones.
Fiddling about with DJI batteries that power something that can fall out of the sky could result in damage to property or people and of course your drone.
Sometimes we have to grin and bear the cost our hobby gives us.