Mavic Air stuck in a tall tall tree, any tips?

So in trying to get a decent shot of a massive tree and the sun going down, I’ve managed to get it stuck at the very top. Any tips on how to get it down before the rain comes on Thursday?!
With thanks, a dejected Coventry drone orphan.

I’ve heard of people having success in the past by calling a local tree surgeon.

Sure, it’ll cost you £100 quid or so, but cheaper than a new drone :grimacing:

That was my next port of call, will track down a local one and see what they say!

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Yep, if the tree is that big you’re going to need a tree surgeon with all the proper climbing gear. I’d also have as many people as I could muster on the ground underneath ready to catch it should it get dislodged as someone is climbing towards it.

I would never have considered this. It’s a great tip for future reference! :grin:

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Have a word with your local fire station, they might be able to use it as a training exercise


Great suggestion Chris, offer to give £50 to a charity of their choosing, that may soften the blow.




Try using another drone to crash into it knocking it free…

I love the idea of a donation to the local fire station.

The other option is a local window cleaner. If you can see it, they light be able to fashion a hook onto one of their brushes or similar?

Just borrow a chainsaw.

You get a load of free firewood into the bargain! :+1:


Let us know the gps coords we might be able to chop it out with one of the fpv drones

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Feel free! Coordinates here: (52.4320683, -1.5769739) this old big tree in a field!

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Here in fact:

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Long bamboo pole and some people with a bedsheet to catch?

Fishing rod?

Do you know the local farmer? Might be able to work his magic with a tractor? :thinking: give it a bump with his trailer

Bloody hell, you’re literally just down the road from me too!!

Anything I can do to help give me a shout fella

Nice one, cheers! Going to try a bit of rope and a weight today to try and lasso round the branches and bounce it off.


Nice area to fly a drone, just watch out for the pesky trees!

They can be difficult to spot sometimes

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