Mavic mini - video files being split into more than one file

Hi all ,
I have a Mavic min ( original ) .Had it for one year and two months .
Problem I have is when filming on sd card it stores the video as video as of about 2 to 3 mins then continues . You get no indication on screen and it is a continuous video apart from being chopped into several short segments.
All was fine but I also have a DJI FPV and it is doing the same on the aircraft sd cards but the Googles sd card records the whole video.
Throwing this out into the group
For the record all units have their own dedicated high quality sd cards.
Any ideas would be appreciated .
All sd cards have be re formatted and issue continues.
Regards to all

Sounds odd. What’s the write speed on the SD cards you’re using out of interest?

Hi ,
I will get back to you tomorrow

Are the segments all 4Gb in size? And does each segment follow on directly from the previous one?

Quick Google search:

SD card must be FAT32. A single video file cannot exceed 4GB. If a video exceeds 4GB, the camera will automatically generate follow-up video clips while recording.

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Hi ,
I will check the size of each file I think you have a point here the videos are mostly in 4 k and they do follow on from the previous.

There have been a few discussions about this in the past:

(More elsewhere, try a few searches)

The FAT32 file format has a maximum file size capability of 4GB.

However, all modern DJI drones format their cards to exFAT these days so I’m not sure why DJI aren’t taking advantage of the larger file size support now available to them.

They even do this on the Osmo cameras too.

Maybe it’s a backwards compatibility thing harking back to their earlier models? :man_shrugging:t2:

Either way, it’s perfectly normal for DJI drones to do this @Turnhouseone and it isn’t a setting you can change :confused:

Thats because the Goggles are only recording 720p hence allowing a lot more recording time before they hit the 4GB limit

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File splitting of video is pretty much normal, except may for much higher end equpment, my DSLR does it , my smartphone does it and so do (as far as I am aware) most drones, at least those not in the higher end categories… and as far as I can tell, it’s virtually impossible to see a break between clips, of course this depends on he card you are using and it has always been recommended that you use the fastest card(s) possible, because using inferior / slower cards, while saving you a few pennies, will obviously cause many problems including possible gaps in between clips, dropped frames, jerky video etc.

If you have a Mac, I have posted a simple way to combine the 4Gb files into one file - see here Merging Overlength Mavic Air Video Files on the Mac... | DJI Mavic Drone Forum.

It will probably work for Windoze, but I have no way of testing that.

My Mini 2 does the same thing.

Thanks for that I have a MacBook so will give it a try.
I haven’t responded to a few of the helpers on this site as have been busy. However this seems to be this issue when the video content is recorded at a high quality level.
Do know what we did before digital oh yes I remember good old video tape.
Will let you know how I get on.
Thanks again

Same limits though on an E180 :wink:


To all responders,
Thanks for all of your tips and advice.
You are all correct if I am filming in 4 k the video recording is split into approx 4 segments( if filming for 16 mins approx) so either reduce your quality of your recording or just live with it.
When the segments are broken up they continue where the last one finished so not a great problem . Obviously is you reduce the recording quality ,as long as the recording takes up less than 4k of memory, you will record the whole flight with know breaks.
Least DJI don’t put adverts between the segments.
Anyway thanks to all who responded and as they say on strictly
: Keep flying “