Mavic pro 2 videos cut to 4mins 50 secs?

Just noticed that when i downloaded my latest footage,my 16 min video has been chopped into 4:50 segments?
why is this?is it normal or do i have a problem with my bird? did not do this on my mavic platinum!:thinking::neutral_face:

I’ve noticed that too must be to help buffers rather than one large file
I havea Mavic 1 :weary:

Is each file 4GB in size?

FAT32 formatted card?

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Not unusual. Are the largest files all 4GB? That’s often the case.
It’s a “file structure” thing on FAT32, I think?
(May be wrong - but that’s what I’ve been told.)

I know with mine, editing doesn’t seem to lose a single frame when abutted in the editor.

Great minds :wink:

It was this thread that reminded me of the 4GB weirdness!


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Good point,just checked and file size is 3.5 GB also card is formatted as FAT 32.Will reformat as NTFS and see if this makes a difference. As an aside ,what does the mavic format the card as?:thinking:

WHoooa!!! NO!!!


It won’t play ball with it being formatted any other format and often not when formatted FAT32 in other devices!

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Cheers @OzoneVibe good advice,i have always formatted my cards on the pc after i have saved the footage,lesson learnt ,BTW what does the drone format the card as? :thinking:

FAT32 :+1:

At least - the MP does. Can’t imagine they’ve changed to anything else on the M2P - it’s the best for cross-platform use.

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So good advice,i will format IN the drone,and see if it makes any difference,cheers will let you know after my next flight.:+1::+1:


I guess you are shooting 4K. If you were shooting HD, you would get 15 minutes plus. My 'Pro does the same, and like Ozone Vibe, I never lose a frame when editing them together. Better than my old JVC camcorder which used to lose a second.

The resolution is part of it, the compression level is the other.
4k on the M2P can push 100Mbs!

I thought 32GB (or smaller) cards were formatted as FAT32 and higher capacity cards were formatted as exFAT?

Either way, DJI don’t then take advantage of exFAT and still split the files at 4GB.

I’m not sure if this is a firmware issue or an app issue. Testing with Litchi would confirm / answer that question I guess.

Ooops! Yup - exFAT! #MyBad!

If I think of it, I’ll try the Litchi test next time.

I’m curious now if this is an app ‘thing’ or a bird/firmware thing :thinking:

that’s right , its the filesystem on the mavic 2 pro and moist likely others

this site makes it clear