Mavic Pro Battery Repair?

One of my Mavic Pro batteries is giving me a “battery cell error”. The drone will power on but won’t take off. I’ve looked at repairs on the DJI site and it’s telling me to send it to The Netherlands??? Yeah, no thanks.

Anybody know where I can take it to be repaired? Preferably in this country :roll_eyes:

DJI’s European repair facility is in Netherlands, is why.

Is it covered by warranty / Care Refresh? If so, it still goes to NL, but they arrange it and is done quite quickly.

I’d say no, I bought it second hand and I think it was already out of warranty by then.

I think the chances of someone repairing one cell are a little remote - and, if they do, the cost of the cell and their repair/testing time will be about as much as buying a new battery.

Happy to be proven wrong on this.

I figured that may be the case. I’m not prepared to send it to The Netherlands firstly because of the cost of postage but there is also a £50 charge that can be applied if they can’t fix it, so it’s actually cheaper to buy a new battery, which is dumb.

Even if it was to the UK … with a £50 charge if they can’t fix … that’s still £50 wasted towards a new battery.

Scouring eBay for someone that’s trashed their MP and has other batteries for sale might give you best return on your ££££.
These days, such people won’t be replacing their trashed one with another MP … they’ll be getting a M2P/Z, which uses different batteries. So there should be some good deals to be had.

Edit: Actually … I should keep my eye out for such deals just to get a few more spare batteries. :wink:


Yeah - there are plenty of those “Official” batteries on eBay.
I have to say, who markets anything as “Official” … if it’s “Genuine - Original”.
Makes me suspicious. The meaning of “Official” can’t really be used in that way.

Don’t talk to me about M2Ps!! I’m still trying to not make myself feel bad for investing in a MP too late :pensive:

There’s nothing wrong with the MP. Love mine and have zero intention of upgrading!


… tho I would like dolly-zoom! :wink:

That one says from london and says brand dji manufacturer dji when they are from china it normally says brand generic or unknown
Friend has had one of these and it seems fine no diff from all his others

I also know of a warehouse in Portsmouth that is basically Bangood’s UK warehouse.

Not saying there IS anything wrong with those you quoted, or that they won’t work - but I’m also a subscriber to the belief that cheapest prices … near 50% of what Id pay for one that I’d have 100% faith in being genuine from an authorised DJI reseller … have to carry a degree of suspicion.

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Is that not possible with a MP?

With the M2Z it is, yes.

I always find that dolly zoom makes me feel motion sick :nauseated_face:

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Haha! Someone posted one the other day and I think my comment was “brain warping”. :+1:

Edit: “mind bending” … and the video on that link.

Can it not be done in post like this?

Kind of … but you loose resolution in the longer shot, whereas with the one in M2P you don’t. Check @ 2:41 in …

Second flight and experimenting with features

Edit: And, of course, it’s totally automatic … and rather perfect.

I just tried to get some flight time in this morning but also got the dead cell warning but all 4 lights were on so took it out and checked th at it was inserted properly but got the same error
So left it on my dest to discharge fully and recharged it tried it again still same error just to make sure I discharged it a second time and fully charged it got all four green lights on the battery refitted it in the drone only to get the same error so I’ll buy a new battery but not to be outdone I’m going to strip the battery down and see what type of cells they are and see if I can replace all the cells just to see what the cost and time to to sort it out I’ll post results when I strip it and also Cost of cells and time it takes.