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Birmingham a few years back


Ah!, I took my Son to The Earls Court one, a treat for his 18th.
He was TG Mad at the time !


I did a “Itialian Job Experience” for my sons 21st was when the second film came out they had to change its name after a booked it but got to drive 2 mini’s a 52 seater coach and the classic E type jag at prestwold park circuit he loved it


Yes, I made it special for my boy, he and I had Platinum Passes, which allowed us into the VIP area, made his day !!.
Got some video somewhere, must dig it up !!


We did too stayed over as we had as much as we wanted to drink and eat (made a pig of myself) :smiley:


Happy days !!


Subbed, here’s mine,

Nice Mk1 Capri, 2.0GT? My parents had a 3.0 in lilac metallic, I can’t remember the name of the colour right now. :thinking:


My second car in my teens, wish I had it now !, Ford “Fern Metallic Green”

Paid £425 for it !!, in 1973


Helo from Sheffield. Here’s mine:


Hi Paul! Welcome to GADC!

Had a quick look at your channel - some interesting vids there!

Hi Stephen, and welcome to GADC.

A Spark and a P4P, too! Nice! :+1:

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Here’s mine :slight_smile:


Hello all…just a quickie.

I am trying to make the YouTube channel I use for my Drone work videos have a catchy name. In order to do this I need to have 100 subscribers and at the current rate of no subscribers per month I’ll never get that fancy name I’m after. Would the kind fellow sky warriors of this site give my below link a look and kindly subscribe so I can get the required number? Added bonus is they are al gonna be sweet drone videos so you can watch them as well…and subscribe!!! Many thanks for all assistance given!!!


Subbed :+1:




Subarooney :+1:


I’m in


Done, any chance you could return the favour?, next to nothing to see there yet but I promise that will change




Subbed to both.


Subbed a while ago