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done. I could use some subscribers too to get my channel a fancy name :slight_smile: any volunteers? :pray:


DOne and done one and all thanks for all your help so far. I’m at 39 now…nearly halfway!!!


I could do with some followers as well :wink:





Think I’m up to date with subs to all above


Done mate



subscribed to yours too


Thank you.


I think I subbed to you Steve before I joined here :wink: :+1:


already subbed


Gone through everyone’s links on this thread and subbed… lot of clicking there… poor fingers lol… :grin:



My PfCO is imminent. I’ve set up the company YT channel.

Have a look, see what you think…Subscribe…

Got a twitter too…

K4 UAV Twitter


Ok K4 is better than LarryDeath :crazy_face:


Just a bump…Thanks to the heroes of the GADC I’ve gone from 0 to 52 subscribers, pushing me just over halfway to the much needed 100. I know we have way more members than that so pitch and sub to me. Glorious drone films will be regularly posted for your viewing pleasure and guaranteed followback is always there as well!!


Looks like 60 now whoop whoop

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Hi everyone, been here a while now so i thought it about time that i shared my youtube channel. Please subscribe i am getting out a lot more these days and plan on a lot of interesting trips with the drone over the next couple of months.