Micro-USB to Micro-USB Cables for Mavic 2

I have decided to revert to an Android Tablet as my primary device for controlling my Mavic 2 Zoom. Having been using an iPad Mini prior to this I need to get a longer Micro-USB to Micro-USB cable. If I look on Amazon I see a number of these, but some talk about “reverse Micro-USB” connections. As far as I am aware, a standard Micro-USB to Micro-USB cable should do the job.

Could anyone confirm this for me please?


If your tablet has a micro-USB port, you will need a “Micro AB to Micro USB” cable.

The RC for the Mavic 2 takes a Micro AB connector.

For my Mavic 2 Pro, I use a phone or tablet which has USB-C.


Be careful with the port on that RC, they damage very easily.

??? Are you sure?

he M2P has the same controller as the MP (which I have) and it’s definitely a Micro USB. I’m about to replace the socket.

Thanks for this. Unfortunately my tablet uses a micro-usb connection, to I am looking for a Micro AB to Micro-USB cable and because it’s going to a tablet I need to find that combination with a slightly longer cable :weary:

Am I right in thinking that I am also able to use the standard USB slot at the bottom of the Mavic 2 controller and plug that into the micro-usb slot of the tablet, or is that purely for charging a device?


But … a Micro-AB port will accept a regular Micro-USB cable … but it is prone to damaging over time.

I’ve only ever used Micro USB - and never had an issue. :man_shrugging:

Only ever used Micro USB to charge, too.

I have seen a similar argument based around the fact that the controller socket is a weird shape. However, if you are careful and don’t go full ape on the connection I have used a micro-usb in the past. It’s a stupid connection (on the controller), it’s weak (as you will know) and unnecessarily complicated. I suspect that DJI were attempting to control the connection resupply market :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

@OzoneVibe Thus my original search for a longer micro-usb to micro-usb cable :raised_hands:

I’ve not had a problem with it in almost 6 years. But it is now a little loose - so whilst replacing the battery I’m changing the socket and internal ribbon cable.

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This was rectangular when I got it. But the Micro-USB cable I was using was damaging it and disconnecting midflight. So I switched to the correct AB cable, and all is well.

This is a Micro-USB port, completely different to whats on the M2 RC.


That seems like a very sensible approach. If you have the thing in bits best fix everything that needs fixed at the same time.

Yup, if you go gently it takes a Micro-USB. Just don’t go using a hammer :laughing:

So, does anyone know if “reversed micro-usb” means the connections are reversed, or just the external housing? (meaning it doesn’t matter)?

Ah no. It just means you can put the cable in up side down.

I find it difficult to do anything when I’m up-side-down.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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Excellent, now I just need to find one of the slippery little suckers that won’t take a month to deliver :frowning:

What the hell is that monstrosity?

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A reverse Micro-USB cable.

I bought this for charging my RC on the M2P, much safer than a regular Micro-USB … if you cannot source the correct Micro-AB cable.


AB cables are rare as rocking horse shit. They are out there … but finding them is hard, and waiting 4 weeks for them to be delivered is even harder.

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