Mini 2 Gimbal issue

Afternoon all,

Hopefully this is OK to post here.

I am having gimbal issues with the mini 2 when I pull down on the right stick and the gimbal is pointing down. No matter how gentle I am with it the gimbal flicks up a significant amount.

What may be the cause? Is this something that I can fix or does it need a conversion with DJI?

Thanks in advance.


Nothing wrong with this. When the camera is at it’s extreme angles, it’s got no room to move further. Move the drone, it has to angle itself to move, and the camera has to reposition itself. Check the app next time you do it, it should be telling you what it’s doing.

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@ResilienceUAV I believe you’re experiencing this:

If so, I’ll merge the two threads together?


I am sure it didn’t happen before. It is simular to the video in the post you linked to but only when I pull down not when I go in any other direction and only when it’s facing the ground.

Is it in sport mode? Don’t forget how your drone moves in the sky. To go into reverse, the front props spin faster to tilt the drone backwards, therefore achieving rearward movement. If your camera lens is already at its maximum downward movement, the is no more left to compensate for the angle the aircraft needs to achieve to move rear wards. There is the facility to change the map in the bottom left of the screen to an attitude indicator, which shows what angles the drone is flying at. You will be surprised at how much the gimbal compensates to keep a steady shot whilst flying.

When you pull back on the right stick the nose of the quad pitches up. If the camera is pointing straight down and was not restricted it would roll into the body of the drone. Similarly if the camera was pointing up as far as it could go and you pushed up on the right stick the front of the drone would pitch down the camera would roll into the nose of the drone without the limit in place.

Nope normal I only tend to use sport mode to get it home quickly or in strong winds.

I understand the reasoning in relation downward angles and the pitch of the drone but it’s only been recently it has been happening. I will learn to live with it but it’s such a jolt of movement that if I had been filming it would have ruined the footage.