Moverio BT-300


Your very welcome glad you like it

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hi Jon
i was looking for DJI goggles for xmas when I came across your recommendation.
I like the look of BT300 moverio setup.

Have you used the Goggles as well and prefer the Moverio glasses instead.

I have used my lads VR headset and love the immersive aspect of them but thats in a gaming setup in his bedroom. Droning is a whole new ballgame.

Can you stream football / movies through them etc like you can on a firestick?

thanks mate


Does anyone in the Southampton area (30 miles-ish) have the BT-300 ?

I’ve been interested in them for a few years - but there’s no way I’d part with money without checking them out.


Surely their is an Epson store doing a demo


I have physically seen them, but I want to see/try them in conjunction with actually flying a drone.
I doubt a store would take kindly to my MP whizzing about in it. :wink:


I have both the moverio glasses and a race edition set of goggles. I do like both but with the glasses you see the camera feed which looks to be the equivalent of a 40 inch tv at about 6 to 8 ft. You also see Every thing else at the same time as you can see through the camera feed if that makes sense. I haven’t really been able to test out my race edition goggs yet to their full potential but I do enjoy the head tracking mode. With the race goggs you only see the screen and nothing else so your spacial awareness is very restricted hence the need for a spotter because they are fully enclosed like vr goggles😁


Just a quick thought the go4 app for the glasses is custom for the glasses which is downloaded from the Epson moverio store and has been specifically designed for the bt300 glasses. I don’t know as yet if Epson are continuing to evolve this app but the glasses allready have the same sensors built in as the race edition goggles so they may well update to provide the head tracking mode at some point which are not currently supported on the bt300 glasses :grin:


Do you know if the custom GO4 app supports Mavic 2?


Not sure about that. I reloaded mine about 2 weeks ago but didn’t notice any thing about it😀


Just curious.

My goggles for racing drone give me motion sickness after a while and I’m assuming the DJI ones might be the same.

Thinking these might be different as you can see can see your surroundings.


Yep it’s because they are blocked in you have no spacial awareness. I don’t get that with the glasses :grinning:


I’ve never had any kind of motion sickness (flying/aerobatics/ocean sailing) - for me, it’s more that I can’t be arsed finding someone to be a spotter.


Its the only reason I’ve not bought a PS VR.

Even 10 minutes on Samsung gear VR makes me ill if it’s something I can change direction with a controller.

Sitting watching netflix in virtual cinema is perfectly fine.


I don’t get it with anything else. Just VR seems to get me pretty disorientated.


I feel I should get my PPL re-validated and take you for some serious aerobatics to check that one out. :rofl:


Just checked tha mavic pilots forum there is a thread for the mp2 and moverio glasses apparently it does work but you may need to use an APK installer to run for mp2
Launch apkpure then search for dji and install


Think I’ll pass on that one Dave. :rofl:


You’re safe - until I win the Euromillions - can’t afford to revalidate. It’s high on my post lottery-win to-do list, though. So, Saturday, hopefully! :wink:


Sod That. Love the Idea - Fear the reality :wink:


I’ve got PSVR and Vive - PSVR makes me stupidly nauseous for 1-2hrs after use. Vive is fine though - It’s the PSVR’s latency that screws me up BIG time.
I can happily tool about in Assetto Corsa in the Vive, (Oulton Park - in a Cobra :wink: ) for aaaaages with no issues.
But 10 minutes in PSVR can destroy my evening!
I’m a massive VR fanboy :blush:
(Apparently, it’s to do with how viscous the fluid is in our inner ears as we get a little older)
Happy to demo it for anyone that wants a go! (And you’re in the NW!)
(If I’m honest - THE most fun thing about VR is watching other peoples reaction when they have their 1st go in VR :grin::grin::grin: )
Did I mention - mines Wireless :smiley:
(I tell everyone who has ears)