Moverio BT-300

I have a dji goggles and had to get prescription glasses then modified them to fit without arms this was before focus fixers were around. Never blocked out light completely, don’t get me wrong they are a fantastic bit of kit but im pulled towards the moverio.

I saw someone selling one, and he explained he bought them but same situation as the goggles that his he found it out of focus so it is wearing prescription glasses again,

im hoping that they can be auto focus, if its prescription glasses do i have to go to the same glasses I fitted to the dji goggles, if this is the case then diopter +3 lets you see up to 9 inches in front of you and everything is blurred after that which defeats the object as I will not able to keep the drone in LOS

im really looking for feedback, if anyone has used them as £700 is alot to pay out if prescription glassess is going to effect the experience.

below is a amazon feedback comment.

(The product pretty much works as expected but there are two fundamental issues of note. The first make the system fairly unusable for people who use prescription glasses. Due to the optics design, the viewing eyebox is quite small which really limits your ability to see the full screen under normal conditions (w/o prescription lenses). Forget it if you eyes are not symmetric about your nose bridge. When you use the nose bridge clips designated for use with prescription lenses, the eye box is reduced further so you can never see the entire screen in both eyes. Never found a way around this.)


Not used myself - but search the topics, there have been several posts about all aspects of them.

Just about to print


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I have no idea what that is…? :thinking:

A “thing” to hold the other “thing” that controls the BT-300 goggly-specs things. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m really confused :rofl:


Like this … but not this one … DJI Mavic Pro Adapter for Moverio Epson BT300 by jtus - Thingiverse

Ahhhhhhh! Right, now I’m with you!

@ziceman was talking about lenses and I couldn’t quite get my head around where this 3D part came in to the lens equation!

Turns out it doesn’t :smiley:

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Lol I was confused also, I was thinking how the hell this sort out the vision lol.

I’m so close to clicking buy but hesitate as need glasses for DJI goggles, read a gumtree sale up the country and said selling because he had trouble focusing as he wore prescription then today seen a Amazon comment and made me rethink and hoped someone say positive things.

After Dave’s explanation and link, I think @DroneUnit pictures were actually intended for this other thread over here:

And I’m pinging @pilningpilot in to this thread as he has the Moverios, unsure of his glasses situation though :sunglasses:

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Ah my bad sorry did not see that on my phone

The bt300 moverio glasses come with and extended nose clip that is used when you wear prescription glasses underneath and also a lenses holder the you can have prescription lenses fitted to. I wear glasses for close in work but have had no problems with the vision on the moverio without my glasses. It is like having a 40 inch tv in front of you that you can see through…:grin:


Oh wow look what turned up in the post today
@DroneUnit . Andy you are a star. Thanks for your help on this lil project very much appreciated.


Can the moverio controller not do evrything a dji controller would do ?

The moverio glasses basically replace whatever mobile device phone/ tablet that you use with you flight controller giving you something very similar to a fighter pilot his display. All the other settings came flight mode is accessible through the moverio glasses as normal😀

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Settings such as flight mode battery GPS etc all accessed through the glasses. The control unit is an android computer😀. This is so you have line of site with no without having to keep looking at a tablet or phone😀

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Thanks for the reply it’s much appreciated, would I need to change from normal daily use glasses to reading glasses or same scenario as the DJI goggles diopter +3 and feel like Mr Magoo, reading glasses or +3 lense will make it impossible to view the flight in LOS

@pilningpilot sorry delay in replying i actually had it written out and thought it replied other day it was only when i came back to this page seen it was still in draft mode and reply not hit lol sorry.

Not sure about that I wear glasses for close in work and reading. I don’t have any problems with using the moverio and don’t need to wear my glasses. The moverio come with a lenses holder that you can get lenses fitted to and mount inside the moverio so it will be a complete unit set up for you. It’s like having a 40 tv in your lenses. Hope that helps