My delve in to the world of the DJI Inspire


I can sort of understand for the SUAV itself but would the controller not be classed as ground equipmemt or similar?

Technically your not modifying the drone in any way.


True, that’s why a call to an insurer is a must I think eh!


If you haven’t already DON’T upgrade the firmware to the latest. It cripples the video transmission strength and range. Upto 1.08 is fine but above is a pain in the arse.
The remote should stay as is as well ,if you upgrade to latest it wont work with old firmware


Come on Chris you should know me by now…

I’m running custom firmware on the Inspire too :wink:

That said, you’re perfectly safe on 1.09.x as the restrictions weren’t present there either. I’m running v1.09.01.30 as it supports the Zenmuse Z3 camera that I run.

Confirmed though, as soon as you go to v1.10 or higher it all goes to shit :roll_eyes:


Well, I took the Titan Atlas out for a quick test flight on the Inspire today.

Hooollyyyyy shit what a difference :scream:

The increased signal quality is far more noticeable on the Inspire (older tech, perhaps?) than it is on the Mavic Pro.

I flew over Wigan Flashes and flew a route that I know well, and know where the signal starts to drop out. Not so much as a spec of interference, zero pixellation, full signal throughout, I was blown away. Granted I didn’t push it to the limits as I was pressed for time, but I’ll try again soon.

Thankfully the VLOS for the Inspire is about 10x greater than the Mavic. You can see this thing a bloody mile off. Even more so with the Strobon CREEs on a grey cloudy day. Thankfully…

We need to coin a word for that time when you are watching your drone in the sky, look down at the screen, look up and BANG! The bloody thing has vanished?! :man_shrugging: I’ll fire up a new thread for that one…

Anyway, bottom line, first impressions of this latest mod? What a difference!! :bowing_man:


Does that mean that 500m feels just like … 500m? :wink: