My first attempt. Wainhouse Tower. Calder Valley

This was my first attempt at drone photography


That’s a nice photo. This isn’t a criticism of the photo, just a helpful tip for your photography. you might like to use a photo app such as Snapseed, it’s free, this will let you play around with the colours perspectives and even dehaze photos for different effects, add titles. The list is endless.

I just mucked about with the colours with snapseed

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Nearly see my old house from there


Thanks Brian. The criticism is appreciated and I’ll take it on board. It’s the only way to learn. The photo was taken with my Mavic Air and I’m very impressed with the onboard camera. Amazing technology these days for sure. I’ll take any tips from anyone to help me along.
Cheers fella :+1:

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Amazing what you can see from above. I used to live down the valley too in Luddenden Foot. Can’t wait for better weather so I can get more of the same.

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Cheers mate. Not bad for a first I guess. Your input is very much appreciated :+1:

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Amazing cameras on these drones, even in dull lighting. Puts the Kodak box brownie to shame. (remember them?)
Great photo of a Yorkshire town on a typically mid winter Yorkshire day.
The composition is spot on as it draws you into the picture and down then up the valley

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Thanks for your comments Brian, it gives guys like me a boost. Yeah I remember the Box Brownie, my farther had one. Blimey, brings back memories. It’s amazing, you can spend hours trying to get a decent shot and get a so so, then one drops in from nowhere. Cheers

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Not quite, my earliest memories of cameras were kodak 110 things.

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Me too!

It was the first camera I owned as a kid :slight_smile:

Remember the flash?

Brilliant :rofl:

Also remember posting the cartridge off to “Trueprint” who’d send the pics back along with a new film :blush:


Yeah, good memories. Amazing how things have changed in less than a generation. Makes you wonder what’s around the corner. Must admit though, I had forgotten about the flash tree :dark_sunglasses:

Yeah spot on. I lived down that way just below Warley 15 years ago. Its true what they say, you don’t miss it till its gone. I’ll get back there for a catch up and take some more shots and post a few on here.
Thanks again for the encouragement. :+1:

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you have made an excellent start!

Cheers Manty. It’s replies like yours and others that first timers like me need. No doubt I’ll make plenty off mistakes but I’ll take the flack too. Only way to learn.
Cheers fella

you, like me, will learn so much from this forum and its all free!!!

I found it very helpful Manty. Some of these guys have stacks of knowledge and only too glad to help. Glad I joined these guys. :+1:

Crikey, I remember that flash. You had to get so close to the subject with the 110 because of the tiny fixed focus lens that when the flash went off, it was like looking at things through multicoloured floating ameba for a few minutes until your retina and optic nerves calmed down.

Warley cemetery would be a good spot to take off from I reckon - down over that edge and a huge panorama unfolds but excellent line of site. Only know the place cos my ex’s folks are buried there and I used to enjoy the view from up there. That Halifax has some huge potential for filming from above, some outstanding architecture as I recall ( tho I do admit to being very fond of Black Sheep bitter so my memory might be fuzzy ) :upside_down_face:

Haha for sure silverfox. It’s a great view across that valley for sure. I lived in Warley Wood and had that panorama in my living room window. Why we moved I’ll never know. Or maybe I do, new neighbours!!! Enough said. But yeah your right some great photography around there. I’ll be back this spring for sure.