My first Litchi mission test

My first planned mission with Litchi, as some of you will know the card issues I had, well here is the video that I managed to get back from it.
It was shot with the Mavic Pro at Twmbarlwm Hill Fort, I plan on going back soon to do another with the Phantom 4 Pro.
I will be making some alterations to the mission for the next visit now I know what to expect.
I have added bars to the top and bottom, upped the speed by 10% as well as boosting the colour by 10%.
I have left the video uncut for those that were interested in the mission.
This was a rushed third attempt as Resolve crashed as I was finishing off the first, I chose yes to altering the frame rate when I started the second, I can never remember if I should or not and always seem to make the mistake, the third one I’m not happy with the title but it’s only a test so no big deal.


Litchi does a really smooth job, eh?


Yes it does, I was really impressed after I had seen it make the first few turns and miss flying into the hillside :laughing:
I knew I could stop worrying and enjoy the flight then.


Great job with Litchi.

It hardly needs cut at all. Would look great sped up I think.

Great footage, bet your glad you managed to save it.


Yes, I was a bit relieved Callum, I was disappointed when I got home and thought I had lost it, I thought it’s not going to beat me :laughing:


I’m definately going to have to start using Litchi more.


Great work Richard and glad you got it of the memory card
so my next flight will be the area i did last week i have the plan of my route for litchi and checked in google earth
Wish me luck…

Thank you Jeff and good luck.

Did you see the post from @TimD in my Card problems thread, he mentioned that you can fly the mission in Google Earth with the extension for Chrome here.

thats what i have been using easy peasy (still growing them balls though)

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I’ve not used the “Fly the mission” Chrome extension before - but I’ve been looking at it this evening.

It does have flaws! So use carefully.

  • It tends to over-fly altitude changes.
  • It doesn’t maintain POI focus as well as the MP does.

The altitude over-fly, obviously, is the more important one. One of my missions starts with about 10 waypoints at 25m, and then finishes with 6 at 50m.

At the transistion, it dips to 21m and then rises to 78m. THAT’s a big error!



As you can see - the higher WPs are at 50m … and it was over WP13 it hit 78m.

Edit - I’ve posted about the height issue on the Mavic Pilots thread.

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Yes I noticed the POI was off on my already flown route, it’s not something I’m going to rely on to be honest, it’s a good idea if they can get it right though.

The developer has asked for an export of my mission that demonstrates both rather well. I’ll be sending it to him later.

I wonder if the original VLM exhibits the same issue. The original is windows based so I can’t test it. I’ve not seen any reports of such anomalies using VLM I’ve only used the chrome plugin and so far only for scouting locations

Nope - fine in VLM.