My maiden flight,mavic 2 pro,lots to learn about the camera!

Well,finally got her up in the air,but lots to learn about the camera,here are a few feeble shots,taken over havant,hampshire.


Thanks for the upload Tony considering no ND filters yet the shots of the sunset look really good

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Nice Tony. Looking forward to some video next.:+1:

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Nice to see you have it flying Tony, enjoy :wink:

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@BrianB Thanks Brian,are you still up for a flight or two?Still waiting for my fly more kit ,should have it on the 19th,at the latest!:+1:

@mickydd Hope to upload some vids soon,but for some reason ,the vids that i took are extremely jerky,as in unwatchable,think i was on h265 probably not the most appropriate,need to find out what is best for uploading,lol:thinking:

@sparkman999 Thanks Jeff,still have lots to learn,but hopefully will get better as i get more familiar with the settings,took Callums advice,and set to mf and focus on infinity,but still not there yet:thinking:

Are the jerky videos after editing or straight off the camera?

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Hiya callum,i just played the videos,straight from the sd card ,via a card reader.card reader is usb 3.0:thinking:

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Ok what I’ve learned is only 6th generation i7 onwards processeors have hardware decoding for H.265.

If it’s jerky, chances are it’s not the footage but your computer trying to play it back.
It would probably play fine on YouTube.

If your looking for an easy to play video try changing to H.264 and normal colour profile. Still gives great results.

Cheers callum thought that might be part of the problem,and you have just confirmed it,next flight i will do on h264 with normal color profile,and am i right in thinking there is a setting somewhere:+1: that is called SHUTTER PRIORITY?.Not sure on that one but have heard it mentioned?

Shutter priority is a step down from automatic.

You control the shutter speed to get correct exposure and the camera automatically changes aperture and ISO.

You would use this to keep your shutter speed close to double the frame rate but you need to constant keep an eye on your exposure and adjust if needed.

To be honest mate I would just leave it in Auto for a while until you get the hang of everything else. You will still get great results.

Only thing I would do is turn off AWB (auto white balance).
Just set to cloudy or sunny before flying and it stops the colour temperature adjusting itself mid video.

Normal colour profile
Sunny or cloudy white balance

Once you feel you want more you can then experiment with manual settings.

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Thanks mate,really appreciate the help ,and will do exactly as you advise .Have to say,i was wandering if i had made the right choice,buying the mavic 2,but she seems to be real quality ,and, unless its my imagination,incredibly fast ,even when not in sports mode,and no i have not had the bottle to try that yet.:laughing::laughing::+1:

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So far im really impressed with the build .it feels quality … and very stable in flight … take your dog for a walk and try the active track your love it …


Yeah it definaty is fast in normal mode.

Checked my flight record earlier and it hit 31mph with obstacle avoidance on.

That’s crazy as MP was only 22mph. Should really help when flying in wind.

I’d say you made the right choice mate. :+1:

Your going to get the hang of it all quickly and it won’t be long before you want to push more and more out the sensor.

I’ve only tried mine twice but anything I can help with don’t hesitate to ask.

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Thanks mate,funnily enough,i had 3 dogs chasing my bird on her maiden flight:rofl::rofl::+1:

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Thanks callum,you are really a great help,and i much appreciate you taking the time to help me,as a camera man i definitely aint.:rofl::rofl:cheers for the vote of confidence on my ridiculous purchase:rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:

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Not a problem mate, any time :+1:

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It’s only because he has too😀

How fast were you flying @FIREFOX? (hint, hint…) :wink:

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