My Maiden Flight

So, just had the first flight of the Mini 2 (my first drone) and I was terrified!! All I could think of was all the money I’ve paid and how high it went and how small it looked!! Was great fun though. And as predicted, I did a left instead of a right at low level and hit the shed! New propeller required! Luckily it had a soft landing on the grass.

So that’s me up early on Saturday morning and heading out to the countryside!!

What an amazing toy this is!


You’ve a fun (and expensive??? :slight_smile: ) journey ahead!


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Oakwell never looked finer.

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When I get a bit braver I’ll get closer for a proper aerial shot of the stadium !! :+1:

DJI probably won’t let you :slight_smile:


OK, so I’m a newbie. Why won’t it let me?

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As above…

DJI have a (bad) habit of preventing you from flying in all sorts of locations.

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So the drone just won’t fly into this area? Will it just stop and hover? Return to home?
Sorry for being dense.

@PingSpike & @milkmanchris what if you’ve got a commercial job filming inside the zone?

All my work is out in the wilds but could happen!

You can submit a request DJI and ask them to unlock some areas for you.

Or just buy Autel drones :wink:


The Amusement of bouncing off a DJI geo fence lasts about 2 minutes, then the modded boys come out to play


There’s always the Inspire I guess :rofl: hardly stealthy though!

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May even stop and land :scream::scream::scream:

Not sure to be honest but would like to know the answer as well.

I could hire out my “goes anywhere” MP. :wink:


I have recently purchased a Mavic Air and flown it in one of the DJI blue zones! Initially it won’t let you take off but you can ask for permission through the software. You then get a code sent to your phone which you enter and can then take off as normal. Hope that helps.

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How long did it take you to get the code?

It came through within seconds which was a very pleasant surprise.

Gotta love self authorisation :man_facepalming: