My video stutters -especially visible when panning


I’ve now tried 2 different u3 micro sd cards and i’m getting constant video stuttering on playback.
It’s especially noticeable when panning left or right.
So it’s not my sd cards… where should i go next with this. ?
My iMac is no way capable of 4k editing so I’ve been using wevideo cloud solution until i sort myself out a decent PC.
Does anyone else use them ?


Do you have an example we could see Joe?

With the Mavic It took me a while to get in to the habit of panning very slowly.


@callum .
I’ll give youtube post a crack today .


Pan starts at 2m17s.
towards the end theres .5 meter above water skimming :- )

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I see what you mean.

What are the videos like straight off the Mavic before editing?

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To be honest … I haven’t looked at them directly.
I’ll have a look.

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Loved that shot skimming over the water btw


I used to get similar on my old laptop running filmora so thinking it could be to do rendering on export.


I reckon you might need to give this thread a read …

It appears to be the exact same problem that you are experiencing.

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I see the video on YouTube is running at 25fps. Quite right, just as it should be in the UK. Just check though that your drone is shooting at 25fps and not 24 or 23.97 or 30 FPS. If your editing software is having to do a frame rate conversion, this sort of effect will occur.


I’ve just transferred Raw - unedited files straight to 4k Apple TV and I clearly have stuttering on these.
Been onto DJI and I’ve now got a whole raft of things to do - update fw, reset to factory , take some new footage in every video format.
This is going to be time consuming.


@SteveBell - Hey Steve, How did you get that detail in the screen shot you posted ?


Jeeez. I’ve done a Firmware update when I first got the Mavic and can’t remember it taking this long to install.
It’s been going on for an age . Up to 80% downloaded now but its used up about 50% of my MP battery.


All updated OK in the end?


Ah yes … all updated and reset to factory default .
Now to try and do some recording .
Have no faith in this being a fix .


Fingers are crossed. :crossed_fingers:

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Hi Joe,
I use WeVideo and have seen the exact same issue.
It was to do with the frame rate. Make sure your drone is set to record at 25fps. Once I changed this on mine the problem went away.

I find WeVideo pretty good. Takes a while to upload all the footage but once it’s there I find the editor easy to use and I like the way you can set the video rendering, tick the box for YouTube and then close the window.
Once it’s rendered the output you get an email and it’s automatically uploaded to YouTube!

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I’d have to get Virgin to reverse the down/up speeds to do that! :wink:

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Here’s one of my videos with the problem. Pan starts around 30 secs.
Others on my channel are better!

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Welcome to Grey Arrows @Peteh13, thanks for joining us mate :smiley: