Nano Long Range Build

I thought I’d make a thread for this as I’m sure it’s not going to be as easy as, “print the frame, connect all the parts, get flying.” :laughing:

So, having got my 3D printer I thought I’d have a bash at a little printed drone, and I remembered this one:

So I downloaded the files and printed them out.

I also did a bit of shopping. For once, I was able to source everything from one place (UMT).

(Blimey! It quickly adds up, doesn’t it?)

Having got everything together, there were a couple of things I was unhappy with.

Firstly, the fit of the battery holder, and the fact it was a big, ugly, black lump.

Also, my motors have 4 mounting screws so, while I’m aware it’s probably unnecessary, I wanted 4 hole mounts on the arms.

The other thing that happened was one of the camera mount lobes broke in half, exactly where you’d expect, through the slot, simply through careless handling. So I wanted to beef those up a bit, too.

I found a remixed version of the frame via Oscal Liang.

But it still only has the two-hole motor mounts. So I set about making my own modifications. While it is possible to reverse-engineer the STL, it’s a bit of a faff and I wanted the freedom to make potentially sweeping changes, so I rebuilt it from scratch.

First print out, and two of the things I expected to happen did.

  1. One of the retainer clips broke as I pushed the cell in.
  2. The slots for the contacts are not quite wide/clean enough.

I also expected the rear contact bracket to break off when I pushed the cell in, but it didn’t, so that’s a bonus. :grin:

Back to the CAD station…


You had me at “long range”.

/pulls up a chair

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My initial thought was this:

But I realised that the stiffeners actually end exactly where the break occurred, so they’ll likely do no good at all.

This might be slightly more useful.

I’ve also opened up the gap at the top, which should help.

Other small tweaks were to open up the cell contact retainer slots and the gap for the camera slightly.

To the printer…

What you printing with? Pla or?

Yes, it’s PLA.


Gotta love the Chinese product descriptions. :smiley:

ChEnglish, yeah it’s great. I’d be tempted in PETG. Looks a good project, will be following… Have enough toys for now though :wink:

Yeah, PLA is easy, but it isn’t the strongest… PETG is better but still not that strong… which is why I use the somewhat more difficult to get polycarbonate blend. :slight_smile:


Just all that fiddly soldering to do now. I may wait until my new iron arrives from CN.
And getting the damn thing to fly, of course.


Looks good Jez, the ocd in me screams that needs a battery strap.

Tempted to build one myself

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It would be easier to add some holes for a zip-tie, but it’s not really a bando basher and the battery is actually held in quite firmly.


Looks well smart :+1:

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Evidently Oscar couldn’t get his to work, so that’s reassuring. :laughing:

Definitely a cloud surfer with a good vtx…

Totally get that.
I’ve got a couple of similar holders and mine seem to eject batteries with the slightest knock - just personal preference to keep the battery secure.

Looking forward to the maiden flight :sunglasses:

Front end reminds me of this guy…



I really want to see the results, congratulations on the project

Looks really cool Jez! :sunglasses: Maybe a little fragile. Dont forget to order a giant marshmallow landing pad for it :grin:

I fished this out again to see if I could face it while I’m “fixing” things.

I’d forgotten how small that board is. :person_facepalming:


Actually, while I’m on this, the board came with connectors for the motors. The motors I got also have connectors on them. Great! But, the motor wires aren’t long enough to reach the board and there isn’t really enough room under the cover to accommodate the connectors anyway. However, I was wondering if I could attach extension wires, so the connectors sit outside the cover and I don’t have to fanny about with extending the motor wires. :thinking:

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Yeah a good idea. Stick them to the arm. Quick release motors!