Need some help with my settings to get rid of the chop in following video

Not sure why I’ve got so much chop - my sticks are too responsive - I didn’t want to fly in tripod -but maybe I should have - -anyone have some settings to share on the yaw etcs…

I seemed to have a lot of issues with the focus too … dunno why so off … tips appreciated

Powered Para-gliders today at Salton Sea


Awesome video, loved watching that!m those gliders are incredible. :ok_hand:

As for your yaw settings have you checked your sensitivity in the Go4 app? :thinking:

Or maybe try “cinematic mode” if flying the Mavic series drone… this enables slower movement and breaking speeds.

Beautiful scenery and video!

Small things (paramotors) against a featureless background (sky) can easily lead to focus hunting … and not finding something to focus on when it does so.

Definitely the kind of situation where I’d be using manual focus, and leaving it on one position.

Of course, with the M2P and in those low light conditions, chances are you’d be using max aperture … which then means manual focus might need to be monitored. But, even so, I’m thinking that if focused on a paramotor that’s about in the middle of their average distance, most of the other shots would still be OK.


loved the video
also prompted me to open new topic so i don’t highjack this one

Boy Sorry scrub that Girl you really are pushing for perfection there :joy: Only noticed it once or twice in the 5 minutes

You win the “kept my attention longer than 2 minutes award :trophy:

There is a good video on you tube regarding the yew settings can’t remember the link it you turn all your settings low the guy in the video is English and does quite a few feedback videos on YT great video tho

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Ive also found that my iMac hasn’t got enough RAM which was a huge part of the problem - looked jerky to me despite careful settings, but after export it looked fine on youtube etc. I am led to believe that these Premier Pro and the like need at least 8 gig of RAM to run 100% accurately. If you change your settings in Go4, film in 1080 24fps and still find it jerky, it might just be your computer. Worth thinking about if nowt else.

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@SpininB Watched this today and thought of your question don’t know if it will help

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Thanks - I wish I knew excactly which sd card I had in now … I was flying my Zoom which I haven’t flown in ages - I think my card ok - thanks for the youtube share -good video

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Actually -good point. I knew I was getting some chop from my laptop -I am on the road and didn’t bring my better one with good video card

I’ve been trying to find the yaw one I used ages ago with my mavic platinum - thanks for this video share -just what I was looking for