New Drone Scene web site launched

The Grey Arrows Drone Club committee is pleased to announce that @PingSpike has been slaving away in a darkened room creating wizardry!

The end result being that we are pleased to announce a new and improved Drone Scene web site!

While there wasn’t too much wrong with the old Drone Scene site, it was starting to look a little dated and we were having some issues in keeping it running.

Rather than keep struggling we decided to start over and rebuild the whole thing from scratch. Along with updating the design we’ve also made it more mobile device friendly too!

Here’s what’s new:

  • Dynamically responsive content designed to work on any screen size
  • Replaced Google Maps with the super-lightweight OpenStreetMap
  • Added support for your hosted 360° panos
  • Added facility for you to directly upload a photo
  • Added Drone Code page
  • Added Safety Apps page
  • Added Flight Restriction Zone (FRZ) map layer overlay

We’ll be working on some more new features over the coming weeks and months and during that time we’d love to hear any feature requests that you may have.

We hope you enjoy the new Drone Scene web site:

Don’t forget, in order to log in to the Drone Scene site do NOT enter any passwords. All you need to enter are your Grey Arrows Drone Club username and the email address you registered here with.


The old one was good, but this a step up - Thanks


Well done lads!, looking much better !!

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Are all locations being dragged through slowly?
I added Rodney’s Pillar and Tyrley Locks after visiting through Summer Challenge not showing?

Eerrrr - right. Indeed you did … this post on here.

Will look into it and let you know.

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No probs. Thanks for letting us know.

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Looks like this one of yours is missing, too. :frowning:

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Yup :cry::cry::cry: thought I’d upset someone!


All working now - thanks

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More @PingSpike’s work, really. I just tell him what needs doing. :hides:


Big congrats on the update @GADC_Committee @PingSpike
Especially like that you have included the FRZs within the map :+1:


Nice job … not really tested it but it looks good on my MacBook :wink:

There is currently a small glitch on the site and not everyone may be seeing the location markers, or be able to switch that layer on.

It’s awaiting a bit of “Pingification”. :wink:

Until sorted, additions will work OK and be saved on DS, and post to here …. even if (temporarily) they won’t be visible on DS.

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Glitch fixed, sorry about that :blush:

We’ve made a few more changes to the Drone Scene web site this weekend too.

We probably should have added a bit more insight to the first post in this thread about why we’re changing the Drone Scene web site, but I’ll try and provide that insight now.

In its former life, the Drone Scene web site was open to anyone. In fact, you could post a location pin on the map without even being a GADC member (these show up as the author being ‘Anonymous’. Naturally, over time, this has led to some questionable locations being added.

That, coupled with the new airfield restrictions (FRZs) that came in to effect in March this year, meant that some locations which were posted legally at the time, may not be so legal to fly in today.

This was one of the main incentives for us adding the FRZ map layer to Drone Scene. You can now see if a location is in a current FRZ.

Our aim is to make the Drone Scene web site the number one place for people to check to see where they can fly their drone safely and legally.

In order to reach that aim we’ve been steadily making the changes that you see today.

To help aid our mission, the changes we’ve added this weekend include:

  • When adding a location to the map, the FRZ layer is visible by default (you can turn it if off if you wish)

  • You must now confirm that the location is not in a current FRZ

  • You must confirm that you either had permission to fly from the location, or that permission was not required

  • Only GADC members may now add locations. Public/anonymous access has been completely removed

  • Added a “400ft” height limitation page. This is one of the most commonly asked questions - Easy URL to remember too so please share it:

As regular members will know, we are not the drone police. Our club has always been freely open to discussion about modifications and the removal of limitations imposed by some manufacturers, but at the same time we as a Club have a responsibility to promote safe, responsible and legal flying in the UK.

The goal posts are constantly moving in terms of where we can fly as hobbyists and the locations that are currently on the Drone Scene site may not be legit now (due to the laws constantly changing) but with the aid of things like FRZ layers, we hope Drone Scene will allow you, the hobbyist, to make your own safe, considered and informed decisions about where you can fly.

Over time, we may even remove the old ‘Anonymous’ locations completely.

Again, as mentioned above, if you have any feature requests or suggestions on changes we might make in order to help our mission, we’d love to hear them :+1:t2:


Wow :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: the Drone Code & height pages really are helpful, and add extra layers of credibility.
The extra “requirements” to submit are also really well thought out.

Thanks Guys


Well Done (again) Rich, muchas gratias !


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