Announcing Drone Scene v3 with live data from Altitude Angel

At the end of July we announced a massive overhaul of our Drone Scene web site.

There wasn’t tooooo much wrong with the old DS site but it was starting to look a little dated and we were having some issues in keeping it up and running so we rebuilt the entire site from scratch and added a whole bunch of new features at the same time.

One of those key features was the ability for Drone Scene to display an additional layer of data, that of Flight Restriction Zones. As the rules around where we can fly are constantly changing, this was a great addition.

However, no sooner had we launched Drone Scene v2 than work began on Version 3 :grimacing:

And today we are pleased to unveil Drone Scene v3:

Drone Scene v3 brings something rather special :blush:

Rather than just a ‘static’ layer of FRZs we’ve gone one further. Well, we’ve gone way more than one further…

And it’s not just a layer of flight restriction zones, oh no :smiley:

Drone Scene now offers you a multitude of layers, all live, all updated in real-time :bowing_man: :clap:t2:

The new interactive layers include Airports, Airspace Restrictions, FRZs, Temporary-FRZs, NFZs, Heli-routes, Ground Hazards (eg. electricity pylons), optional Class D airspace, Flight Reports submitted by drone operators using the NATS app, and other Flight Risks (eg. HIRTAs, Schools, etc).

Think of the NATS app - but good.

Oh, and for good measure we also added Weather data too, which provides the current weather and the forecasted weather at the location you’re zoomed in to :scream:

And the current KP Index is available now too!

Again, all updated in real-time :bowing_man:

Looks good, right?

Well, those looks come at a cost…

We very much feel this is a premium service.

Therefore, all of these additional layers are only available to Grey Arrows Drone Club members.

Random members of the public using Drone Scene will only have access to the Location markers :wink:

The new features continue to roll in with v3 too as the eagle-eyed amongst you will also notice that we didn’t stop at adding a whole bunch of new layers either, oh no!

We also added a new “Share” feature too! You can now share map locations (and zoom levels!) with other people by simply copying and pasting a very unique URL that’s generated on the fly, just for you.

Here’s an example of a shared map location: Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Drone Scene

Looking for other more subtle changes? You’ll also notice a new “Full Screen” button too, ideal for browsing the map in more detail.

We also made it easier for you too add a location to the map too. You can now simply click on the map to drop a pin on the location you want to add, rather than having to drag the marker to where you want it (but you can still drag it, should you wish).

When adding a location you’ll now also be asked to provide the land owner permission status from a drop down list of:

  • Land owner permission obtained
  • Land owner permission not required
  • Land owner permission requirements unknown

(all existing DS locations have been marked as ‘permission requirements unknown’ for obvious reasons)

We have also added a “Permission Filter”. This allows you to filter the Location marker pins not only by Region or Category, but also now by land owner permission type too!

Regulations are changing all the time with new flight restriction zones being brought in to play earlier this year. With this in mind, some of the older recommended locations to fly may now fall foul of the now-current regulations. Therefore you may see a recommended pin on the map which is now inside a NFZ or FRZ. So a timely reminder that it remains the responsibility of any pilot to check for any changes before flying the same location.

Elsewhere, those of you who are using the luscious Dark Mode on Apple devices will also be in for a treat as the Drone Scene site will automatically detect that your device is in Dark Mode and will change it’s entire colour palette to suit. Here’s how it looks in compatible devices:

Last but not least, in order to make all your lives easier we have built in support for Cookie-based logins too, so you’ll only ever need to log in once and it’ll remember you on all your future visits :bowing_man:

We hope you enjoy Drone Scene v3!

Don’t forget, in order to log in to the Drone Scene site do NOT enter any passwords. All you need to enter are your Grey Arrows Drone Club username and the email address you registered here with.


Great work, Rich!



That is one of, if not the most, useful site I have come across and far out performs the claimed “official’ apps we are reminded to consult before flying. Personally I think it should be one of the selectable options in the registration quiz where it asks for “Which sites or Apps should you consult before flying?”

There are a few areas in my area I would like to add at sometime but there is also one restricted area I would like to change. The change involves my model flying club’s location which is incorrect but as this has probably been piped from one of the “official” sites it might not be a simple process. Also it’s not strictly a restricted area as permission is available to fly within the confines of our club constitution.

The site is now bookmarked on all my devices and will be my primary reference source.

Very Gratefully



Great work, and much appreciated!

I’m wondering how much work would be required to add further map layers, sourced from other open map data. I’m thinking of online maps which shown common land, PROWs, National Trust property boundaries etc …

How much work would be involved in turning it into an app?

Fantastic Rich. Top marks!

Defiantly the “Mutts Nuts”

:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


Great addition - thank you very much indeed :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


If you want to DM the details to me @Nidge I’ll take a look and see what we can do.

If you want to send me the details of their APIs, Brian, I’ll take a look mate.

Another £12k, give or take.

Drone Scene was designed from the ground up specifically for mobile devices James, it should work flawlessly on any screen size.

Well, with v3 out in the wild, work now begins on v4 :grimacing:


Sorry if I’ve misunderstood…

Can I ask the reason behind this request James mate? (as I’m not seeing any advantage from it being a native app)

Are we missing a trick here? :thinking:

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Accessibility. Having an app makes it far easier for people to find and use especially when out in the field. The ability to have info cached offline (when out in the middle of nowhere signal can be hard to find)

I would never think oh I know I need to check this website when I just launch an app and have it use my location to show what’s nearby etc.

It was just a thought really

Nice one - just taken a look and looks very good.

Presumably school locations, etc are “piped in” from elsewhere as one local to me that’s listed hasn’t listed in that location for about 5yrs now and it doesn’t show the new location for it.

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There’s a detailed explanation about the source of the map layers, what’s included, whats excluded, etc on the /about page:

Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - About Drone Scene

@stubbyd if you can DM me the details please mate, I’ll pick it up with Altitude Angel.


I think enjoy just browsing the map and being nosey at other people’s flight reports more than anything else :blush:

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I just created a desktop shortcut on my phone. As easy to find as an app.

Every map movement updates data from AA’s servers … live and up to date.
An app wouldn’t change that, and you can’t cache the future.

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Yes, use a shortcut so it looks like all your other drone apps …


We’ve got a proper mobile device shortcut-icon on the roadmap for v4 already :+1:t2:


Sounds good I shall have a good look at it well done mate.

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Excellent and very useful indeed.

Just one very minor tweak needed. The hover state of the menu needs changing. Currently at least on Chrome browser hovering over a menu item makes the selection disappear i.e. the hover state for menu text is same as background colour or transparent. Click select works blind! Otherwise a Tour de Force!

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Super work Rich, thanks

Like this one!

Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Drone Scene

What’s that all about then eh? :thinking: