New flier - Sale, Cheshire

Hi all. Drone noob here based in Sale M33, with a Mavic 2 Zoom. Very much at the learning stage, other than a very brief test flight, I’ve only flown twice so far, once in Turn Moss, Stretford, and once in Warrington. Very keen to hear about good locations within an hour’s drive, and to meet up with locals to learn how to use this thing better!


Welcome to da club!

A great place with even greater folk to help you keep airborne !! :ok_hand::grin:

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Welcome can’t go wrong with this forum full of tips, advice and nutters :+1:

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I’ll stick up a photo or two when I’m on my home PC.

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Hi , I have you know,I am not a nutter, I just have some mental health the rest are nutters? Lol’s


Welcome :wave:

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Hi @kvetner and welcome to Grey Arrows!

In a former life (1999-2001) I lived in Sale, now over in sunny Wigan :smiley:

Have you seen our Places to Fly map?

Ho @kvetner welcome to the madhouse
I see some of the inmates have already introduced themselves (they do come out of the woodwork sometimes)
I live over in bolton and always up for a meet give us a shout when your free


Hi @kvetner, and welcome to our little home on the “tinternet” as Jeff has said, get out and about and meet up with our members in your area.
It always great experience flying with others who can pass on hints and tips.

Hi kvetner,

I recently met with a experienced club member and it was worth its weight in gold. Soooo helpful!

Do meet up with someone if you can.
It’s really worth it.

I didn’t know, but there is a private message board where you can exchange personal info. Where to meet, mobile numbers etc. That is not open to other members/public.