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I have asked the umpteenth person to join us from another well known site, no wonder the membership is growing. However he has asked how he joins us, and I’m a bit stumped. On our home page, is there a “join us” section to complete? When I first joined I was invited.
Irvine lives in Portsmouth and I told him that he’d be in good company with some of the best knowledgeable guys around.

If you ask them for their email you can send them an invite.
Click on your avatar top right, then your name, Invites, Send invite, insert email and send.


As @MementoMori says, with their email address you can send them an invite, or they can sign up from the home page.

Invites are done from Settings-> Invites.

Fantastic. Thanks guys I’ve asked for the gents email address in case he has trouble on the home page.

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An invite gets them bumped up to full “Member” status immediately. But if they enter through the front door, let us know and we can sort that out easily enough.

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And if you do it this way, you’ll also gain a badge or two on your profile :wink:

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I have and he’s joined. Thanks :+1:

The system automatically doles out those badges when it does its daily review. :+1:

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