New to the Drone Community - Northamptonshire

Hi, Im new the the drone scene having only had my Mini Pro for short time. Very keen the get and about and learn how to fly it, but struggling to find places to go where I can practice safely, away from people and buildings in Northampton/shire area; parks and country parks are off limits in Northampton. Ideally a large open space where I dont have to worry about hitting any obstacles! Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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Hi @Novice and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

Hi Steven and welcome to GADC :+1: :+1:

Hi Steven - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hi, Welcome to GADC. :smiley:

Hi Steven @Novice and welcome to GADC.

Why do you think that?, there seems to be no bye-laws in place

Oh, and welcome to GADC

Welcome Steven to GADC :clap: :clap:

Thanks, good to be here!
When I researched I found this which seems to conflict with the response provided in your link:
Use of drones and model aircraft | Drones | West Northamptonshire Council - Northampton Area

HI and welcome to GADC. I used to live in Stanwick, Northants. I was in the same situation as yourself and trying to find good open space. There’s a water treatment close to Stanwick, use the reference on Google maps:- 52.339985, -0.560803
It’s very open and quiet. You only get the odd Anglian Water vehicle on the lane and occasional dog walker. I think it’s an ideal location for practice, not very photogenic but good to build confidence. You can walk through to the lane from Collingham Close or Adams Close. Happy Flying!

They quote no byelaws in that link, I would also note its out of date in regards to your Mini Pro, they also direct to the Dronesafe website which also closed some time ago.

The Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) ‘Drone Code’ specifying that drones must not be flown within 50m of people


@Novice welcome

Hi Martyn,

Many thanks for this - I found it!
It looks like a good location, I’ll be sure to give it a try. And the water treatment facility offers a point of interest and a chance to test out some of the Quickshot functionality on the drone!

Thanks again!

@Novice, whereabouts are you in Northants?

Wootton - the south side of Northampton town

Corby, you’re welcome to join me anytime we can both be free, got a few sites with open space well away from parks…:grin:

Thanks, may take you up on that when Ive gained a little more experience!

Apparently, they think the council is liable for flights in its airspace. I wonder if they’ve banned airline overflights, to be on the safe side…


@Novice I was thinking more on the lines of giving you a little free training…