Newbie from Bolton - No Drone Yet!

Just started researching, watch a few YouTubes, aware of rule changes that occurred 31 Dec 2020, (I get the A1-A3 classifications) and have now found your great site! Surprised to find lots of places to fly local to me. Looking to purchase a DJI mini 2 fly more combo to get me started. This might sound daft but thinking of wrapping my drone when purchased to help with visibility. What do you people think and what would be your advice to someone who has never flown a drone?


Welcome mate from the Black Country. Good idea to change the colour, but watch the wrap doesn’t push it over the 250 g limit.

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Hi from Wigan, @royks

Good thread on drone wraps here:

And a very recent thread on advice for new fliers:


Hi Roy and welcome to GADC.

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Mini 2 combo coming tomorrow!

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