NoLimitDronez worth the £££?

I have not flown knew drone since last lost my last one, reasons waited for tracker and then weather and other commitments.

So started up the drone again and some things never change…fuffing updates and other crap needs doing, this is what gets me down as I know that DJI sold me a mavic stating what he can do and with every update I feel there squeezing the fun out of the bird.

I want quick easy way firmware FCC and a few other settings to change with ease so will NoLimitDronez do this without hassle of following video links and downloads of files.

@Cobblers @PingSpike

Cant help with nolimitdronez but updates are optional. Downgrade to a firmware you are happy with and simply ignore them.

My iPad mini is always offline so don’t need to put up with them.

Interested to hear responses though as I have came across that site a few times.

@ziceman Just checked the question… told you the wine was flowing…lol IMO yeah, it is worth it, if you are unsure of mods as it takes a lot of " the thinking out" . and has “presets”…I got NLD and it does make things a lot simpler, by taking a lot of the video/d’loading parts out… easy transitions to sportier modes etc… i have found though, once you know how to change parameters, eg. downgrade the FW it is fairly straightforward. i am pretty sure I S/Shot all parameters to allow quicker changing of the settings.I am still running .400 and all is well.
I am pretty sure @PingSpike put up a post as a HOW TO, as well but wine hampers my search function at the mo… i may be able to post my settings to allow others to copy? I have changed things from the vids and NLD, to my own preferences… .

hope this helps a bit…

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I rolled my Mavic firmware back to .700 last year, haven’t looked back since. Back then, I went the Dumldore route so it took a while, worth the effort though.

Some of you may know, I live just up the road from a football stadium so I’m permanently in the yellow, drives me bloody mad. Was also one of the main reasons for rolling the firmware back too.

Anyway, rolling the firmware back does allow me to take off in the yellow zones now, but it doesn’t stop the app itself from nagging me about it :roll_eyes:

Funnily enough, just these last few weeks I’ve been getting heavily in to the modding of the GO4 app itself.

The reason for this is because I use the CrystalSky monitor I have no choice but to run whatever locked down version of GO4 that DJI choose to ship with each CS firmware update. There’s no way to roll the CS back, nor the GO4 app itself.

Soooooo :slight_smile:

I’ve been tinkering with the source code of the Andriod version of the GO4 app, with the help of tools like deejayeye-modder and the OG crew over on slack.

Today I was finally able to build my own GO4 app, with FCC enabled, version update checking removed, offline mode (no DJI login req), Google Sat Maps restored (the CS uses the shit ‘Here’ maps) and a few other tweaks.

Most importantly, I’ve been able to clone the app with a different package name and side load it on to the CrystalSky :man_dancing:t2:

And it shows up properly in the Apps section of the CS too.


In all my testing I must have compiled 40+ versions before getting something I was happy with.

You’ll see in that screen shot some references to NLD. I also bought their Mod Client app which, getting back on topic, is absolutely brillliant!

But… not if you have a CrystalSky as you can’t replace the built in apps on the CS.

Anyway, yes, the NLD app is well worth the £20 quid mate, firmware roll backs are literally just a few clicks, as are parameter changes.

If you want to dig deeper, check out the open source utils, if not then NLD is exactly what you need :+1:


Also pinging @Ashmav in to this thread.

Blimey! That’s like being in the middle of the Sahara compared to me! I’m only half way from the centre of red for Southampton Airport!

I might look into Modding the Dji app as well. If i ever get a minute… NLD does allow the roll back of FW on TX as well… Dumldore is fairly straight forward once you get the files and do it once or twice…

Yeah I rolled back the firmware on the aircraft, the RC and all four batteries too.

My OCD went in to overdrive :blush:

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Hmmmmm … does this NLD thingie work on a P2?

No, sorry Dave, P4 onwards.

Would love to take that back a couple of updates.
Used to be able to do it by opening up and rebooting with a couple of jumper leads on the motherboard and that wiped everything … then you could install any version.
But … they got wise to that one … :frowning:

Edit: I haven’t Googled for quite a while. Today’s task.

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Ok you lost me a mod…

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Thanks that’s great info, im looking for easy option as I do not have time to fart atm so one click option be fantastic but saying that I do still have the urge to go your route @PingSpike, going to Belfast this week so probably tackle it next weekend.

Big thanks all info is welcomed.

Oh boy im going to be tired later today, i done the firmware downgrade to .700 successfully i also patched dji.go.v4_4.1.3 and installed on tablet.

Slightly confused does the other batteries automatically update as soon as I place them in and restart the drone? I have swapped batteries and no errors so looks good.

Now my remote it says I don’t need to touch this as the drone has all info that’s needed is this correct?

goodnight folks lol

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Congrats @ziceman :smiley: :+1:

I rolled my batteries back too, instructions about half way down this post, and I also rolled the remote back too, instructions about three quarters the way down here.

I know plenty of people who have rolled back the aircraft and not their batteries or RC and none of them have ever had a problem so as above, it was probably just my OCD kicking in that made me do it :slight_smile:

Enjoy your flights :wink:

I was looking, briefly, at the NLD site - and it seemed unclear as to whether one can … “modify” … NFZ flying without rolling back.
It gives the impression that it’s possible even on latest firmware version? (Tho I’m at least one back from latest.)

You need to modify parameters within the Mavic Pro itself to enable flights in NFZ.

These params are available in .700 and below, I’m unsure if they’re available in newer firmware versions?

At the time of posting the thread below, it wasn’t even possible to roll back newer firmwares, now it is :slight_smile:

You could try (without risking anything) by using an old version of DJI Assistant and putting it in debug mode, check this one out Dave:


It has this on the home page … no mention of having to roll back.
Obviously, if I go the NLD route (I’m lazy :wink: ) I can anyway … but I’d like to keep panoramas.

Anyone with latest firmware and NLD able to confirm if NFZs can be switched off?


I’m on 01.04.0000, modded FW and can fly in NFZ’s. I wanted quickshots :flushed:

Able to edit parameters.

Haven’t done any research for FW above mine as I’m happy with my setup.