NoLimitDronez worth the £££?


When I did the FCC config file last year on my old drone I would place it and delete the file inside DJI Go4 folder, but looking at the results again and now running the NLD app I’m wondering old results really was changing from CE to FCC as I could not see any confirmation on app also it was only couple hundred metres in it, but on the NLD forced FCC mod I bypassed my original run and kepted going until I decided to turn back, I wanted to look at something that just to risky on config file as I was losing signal and screen would freeze but the other day I was able to complete my task on NLD app.:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


I’m wondering if FCC would also boost 5ghz WiFi on mavic if switched into that mode.

If it did work that way it should have a SSID so could be monitored in a WiFi analyser app or equipment.

Could leave it on inside connected to phone head into garden with laptop, make note of dbm and repeat with modded app.

I’ll try this one tomorrow.

Need to fill my time after dayshifts otherwise I end up crashed out on the sofa.


Ok spent an hour on this and managed to confirm that my modded app is switching to FCC mode!

There’s an assumption here and that’s that if the WiFi mode is working in FCC so will the RC on occusync. I think thats a fair assumption.

How I confirmed.

Set mavic to WIFI mode with switch and connected through my phone.

Used a WiFi analyser app to check 5ghz signal strength at a set distance from mavic (downstairs in a corner).

Started original GO4 and again checked 5ghz signal. Same as before. Noted that 12 channels available in app 1-12.

Powered everything down and cleared all apps from memory.

This time I did the same with modded app but would not connect. I had to start and close original app first then it connected.
Noted that 13 channels available but proof is that signal is 10dBm higher in same location.

Repeated this to confirm and consistently at least 10dBm higher every time.

There would probably be a bigger difference if I had did at a further distance.

Good enough proof for me.


Appreciate your time on this one @callum, nice one mate :+1:

And sorry @ziceman for hijacking your thread :blush:

I’m wondering if I’ve misunderstood the whole FCC vs CE thing completely?

I thought that in FCC mode, your RC will use a significantly higher wattage output than that of CE mode.

But your mention of WiFi now has me wondering if FCC / CE modes are only available in WiFi mode? And that may be why I’m not seeing any improvement, because I don’t use wifi mode?

Again, I may have completely misunderstood… radio frequencies were never really my thing :frowning:


You understand it correctly

CE and FCC regulations cover everything from phones to wireless routers. That’s why our routers all have crap range now unless you put on a custom firmware.

In CE TX power is reduced for all radio communication from device to be compliant.

It’s not just WiFi, occusync on the 2.4ghz band is defiantly reduced. All devices in Europe operating on this part of the spectrum need to comply.

Although the fcc output Is almost 4x it does not relate that way in distance.

You should still see a good jump in distance in FCC mode though.

I’m wondering if your testing with your booster on.
Not sure what type of booster it is but you might find it takes whatever signal it is given, could be 0.1w CE or 0.4w FCC and boosts to 3W. Increasing power of input would have no effect in that scenario as it’s outputting at max regardless of input.

If on the other hand output power is proportional to input power then you would see a difference in FCC mode. 0.4w in 3w out = 0.1w in 0.75w out.

Just a theory.

I defiantly notice a difference in FCC mode using RC though . I get less video breakups.

The WiFi thing was just a way to determine it was definitely forcing to FCC.


I’m not sure, but I think part of the confusion that @PingSpike was expressing (and I was also trying to get to grips with) was that you were using a wifi phone/MP connection to test for FCC … but we don’t (normally) use a wifi connection.

So, as I understand it, by measuring the phone/MP Wifi type connection signal strength you were able to confirm that the MP had been switched to FCC mode, and hence (theoretically) the normal RC/MP connection will have been similarly updated to FCC mode … even though you can’t directly measure that signal.

(That will be confirmed by whizzing off to greater distances at a later time. :stuck_out_tongue: )

Am I managing to join the dots, @PingSpike? Or had you already joined them?

(Why are things so complicated! LOL!)


I’m trying to borrow a Fluke Air magnet XT to measure RC signal but not having much joy hence the WiFi approach.


Trying to digest what your both saying, Callum when I was doing config file last year that was pretty much the same explanation I read up on about increasing output power. I never really new if config file worked or not, I understood fooling your location fake GPS would change to FCC but tried without success, NLD able do this and see it on my app which gives me confidence and do believe it’s relaying this to the remote and Mavic believing the remote as I said distance and less video breaks where I used to always get them before without fail.

Real reason for going NLD way was not FCC NFZ or height restrictions it was constant updates needed. when I did them I was pretty sure DJI was restricting my drone bit by bit and losing that free feel I had when I first flew it out the box.


Yes… :slight_smile:

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell Dave.

I have no way of confirming that FCC has actually been enabled.

@callum has an interesting idea here though:

I’ll chat to some of the guys at work, they do various RTK mast installations, entirely possible they’ll have something than can measure RF.

And is is RF that we need to measure, right? :thinking:


Amen to that my brother!

And don’t get me started on DJI AeroScope :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Every DJI drone transmitting its serial number, location, takeoff location, operator location, reason for flight, speed, direction of travel and god only knows what other data, to anyone with a laptop or Raspberry Pi running Kismet?


Just fucking no, DJI !

Anyway, that’s a whole other conversation for a different thread :wink:


no got this feature


I’ve used this app. Managed to alter speeds but it won’t disable max height or NFZ. Comes up done with errors. Also tried rolling back firmware it just sits there for 20 mins saying flashing but nothing


I just bought my CS 3 days I go and have no idea how to do what you were able to do! really great job … could you please help me install the latest NLD Go app on the CS?


Hi @pixel and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

No mate, I’m afraid it’s not possible as NLD doesn’t support app cloning (yet!), which is what’s required in order to get a moddified GO4 on to the CrystalSky.

You’ll need to use deejayeye-modder on Linux with the -C switch to clone it out under a different name :+1:

You might be able to do it on a Mac, not tried. I know the windows version does not have the -clone option though.


Oh, and do NOT update the CS firmware.

Later versions of the CS firmware have blocks in place for cloned DJI app names (fuckers).

So while you can still side load a custom GO4 on a newer CS firmware, you can’t use a DJI package name as they hide the app (you can unhide it if your CS is rooted, but you’ll have to unhide it after each boot, or script it?). If you install a cloned GO4 with a different package name the app will work, but ‘Here Maps’ won’t work, because the package name won’t match an existing DJI product / app.


thanks rich thats cleared that up

what did he say?


Sorry, I did not know if it was 100% verified that with the Phantom 4 the FCC mode actually activates or is only displayed. Can you confirm? Thank you
I was going to get a code from NLD but I would like to be sure that the distance and signal stability improved significantly (ie that the FFC mode) is active.
I have a Phantom 4 advanced with OTG cable, from what I had read around the change work only on devices that connect via wifi. So I was looking for something more profession like NLD.


Hi @Sabrina

Yup, the P4 Standard, Advanced and Pro are all FCC enabled :+1:

Full list of compatibility at


Thanks for reply, I had already read the table but in a previous post you write that:

I have no way of confirming that FCC has actually been enabled.

I was hoping to find some testimony from someone who tried NLD enabled the FCC and got real results with Phantom 4 adv.


Not checked the NLD site in a while but had a browse last night and spotted this.

New NLD GO 4.1.22 instructions for AGL height over changing terrain

Has anyone tried this yet?