Norfolk Regular Meet?

Hi guys and girls.

Is there a regular meet up within the area? Or just random meets here and there?

I’ve been trying to plan my days a bit better and was thinking of trying to dedicate one or two days a month to getting out with the drone.

If this isn’t a thing, does anyone fancy it?

Cheers all.


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Hi Tim,
We have no regular meet up’s, it’s just when a Local member suggests a meet (due to good weather, etc) that the offer is extended to anyone who happens to want to come along.
Myself and Russell, who you met on Sunday, try to get out as often as we can!.
I am semi-retired these days, so, I can more or less “at the drop of a hat” attend, more or less anytime!.
I was interested chatting to you Sunday, that you have “A Contact” at Snetterton, that could (if we could get permission)be a place for a meet up of several of the GADC around here (and possibly further afield!).
It would be an ideal area to fly in and practice our skills, and also to meet other members in person, rather than meet up in some obscure field in the middle of nowhere !.
I must apologise that we were unable to get you airborne Sunday (due to Mr Arsehole!)
If you read one of my earlier posts, you will see that Sunday turned out a better day than any of us would have expected!.
Anytime you fancy a meet up in the Local Eaton Park (where I fly often) with your Air, I can help you set it up, and hone a few skills that you may find handy.
I only live literally 3 mins from the park, so can get there most evenings.
Let me know !.

I try to be pretty flexible. I have the kids one day on a weekend (usually Saturday), and once a month I potter off to London to do origami, but other than that I can often fit something in. Apart from the next couple of weeks - got visitor from US.

Definitely up for something though - it would be good to stick a date in the diary that we can work towards, plan for, and sort out any logistics & info for Interfering Jobsworths in advance. Maybe every time we have a meetup, sort out date for the next one?

If you and Chris head up the park, let me know - I’ll bring my goggles and come play!

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I would be one of them people my cousin who lives local to you and is a regular at Snetrerton would be interested too

Will keep you posted Jeff !

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Er?, by the way Jeff, I am now going outside to trim my trees in the back garden?..
Fancy coming down with the bird to help !!!

Bit far tbh mate
But am thinking of advertising my services locally that is :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyone free on Thursday?

Earlham Park or Eaton? Quite fancy a fly over the river.
I can be there about 18.30 onwards.

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Hi @UnluckyTimmeh, Yup, I’m up for a evening meet !
What about “Mr Googlesman” @PaperCrane ?
Or anyone else who is about in the area?

Probably won’t know until Thursday as I’ve got a lot on. Plan without me, but I’ll text you if I can free up the time.

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Awesome. As you know the parks, which one is better do you think?
I should have my filters land here during that day, so it’d be good to try them out :slight_smile:

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Hi Tim,
In my opinion, Eaton Park has the biggest expanse of open area, with less trees to worry about.
But, Earlham Park is probably the quieter of the two.
Say I meet you at the Earlham Park Car Park at 6.30 (go down Earlham road, turn left into University Drive then first right into the Car Park, I am assuming you will be coming from the ring road ! (I think its a Pay and Display!)
If we find it not suitable, Eaton Park is only a couple of minutes away, or the University Lake Area!

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Luckily for me these turned up today.

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Might find having a root around on Youtube to get a explaination of how they work, will be handy info !.

Remember!, you have to unscrew the existing front off ,before screwing the nd filter on !

I think we will have to call off our mini meet tonight !, it’s raining here quite hard at the moment, and looks as if it could be set in for the night.

I was about to message you to suggest the same.

Bloody weather :frowning:

We’ll chat later, when the weather improves, perhaps @PaperCrane (Russell) can make it next time !
He’s been busy editing our Triathlon Video !

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I’ll be there if I can!

We’ve called off Russell, to wet over here, its been raining for an hour !

If today stays like this, does anyone fancy this evening?