Norfolk Regular Meet?


Sounds Good to me Tim !, meet at the same spot ?
(I will be there at 6.15 ish )


I can’t do this evening I’m afraid. Happy flying both.


Perfect. See you there. May be a few mins behind you after fighting across the city.


Glad we finally got out last night and set your Mavic Air up right for you Tim.
Keep tweaking it until you are happy with how it fly’s and how camera is setup.
Looking forward to our next meet !.


I think this is what you and I were talking about?


I’ve got a set of those. Never used ‘em yet.

The ones you gave me a link to Chris were white. I was pleased to see now that they do some that are black.


They’re the ones.

I’m now back at Earlham trying out my filters :joy:


Tim ,is after one !


Got the ring off then !!
( god dam f@@kin thingwontcomeoffring!)


Gave my white one to someone only a week or so ago !!.
Not really needed on the Mavic Pro, more so the Air


Managed to in the end. Small o ring and it did need pliers. Less than ideal.

Managed to fly the full length of the stream this evening. A couple of stops to reposition, but some good shots to play around with :+1:


Has the CPL Filter made a difference?


Huge difference. Playing with sharpness and saturation settings now.


Been up close and personal with the water now.


As I said last night, I keep my Polariser on my Mavic Pro and The Air, just about all the time,


Which one Chris?


I presume Jeff, that you are referring to filters?
I have set of ND Filters which ,both Sets of 6, both sets have a Plain CPL Filter
which i swear by !.
I keep it permanently on each drone ! (until i feel the need for ND Filters)


Ok thought you had an ND filter on all the time
But as you say you keep a clear filter on to protect the lens


No Jeff, I keep the Polariser on all the time, I find it ok 90% of the time.
Don’t think I have removed it from the Air, since I fitted it !.
I believe it gives better colouration to videos and photos.


From other posts the air is a little tricky to get off anyway is that right?


It was a pain in the a**e on mine!