Normanton Church, Rutland Water

Taken today at Normanton church, Rutland Water.


Lovely shot :clap:t5:, that’s not too far from me. I been meaning to have ago myself

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Close to me too, gets busy at times so an early or late visit is probably best

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Thanks, just a heads up, when leaving😉 I noticed on the board that drones not permitted, I assume for toal. Ooops missed that till going back to the car.

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Great photo, have been there with my drone earlier this year

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Yes, that is where I spotted for my next outing. Looks to be a public access road and then private land. Probably use the Mavic 2 pro next time.

Nice pic!
As it’s close to me too I am asking myself why I haven’t been flying there!
As long as we avoid the Nature Reserve area at Western end should be OK.

Thanks, just be aware there is Toal restrictions with the water company.

Hi Richard,
The TOAL restrictions are what have put me off so far. I will check the peninsula and other options though.
I see you are into astrophotography as well.
I bought a used Unistellar eVscope earlier this year. Have been dabbling in astronomy for a while with traditional scopes but the time and effort required for astrophotography put me off. That is why I have gone for the eVscope, it’s so easy.

All the gear and no idea. Lol just dabbling myself. Had this gear for about 3 years now and taken out the other week for first time. Hopefully getting more time now retired.
Yes, Hamilton peninsula should give you a better chance. I will probably fly from there next time.
Your gear looks good by the way.

Or, "All the clobber, still a Knobber’

Everyday is a school day ;o)

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Love this church, and lovely area I was lucky to call home in the 80’s

A place I wish to visit but reading the thread it may not be ideal unless I can find a suitable TOAL

Try here. From the road with a bit of a view across to the church. This maybe the only place with a chance of vlos. Rutland water do have a no drone policy, that we seen on the way out.

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Probably because your near a military base, I’ve looked at that area before, nice shots though

Military base is a smaller restricted space, a wider area is for glider and hang gliding in the area so drone rules are applied. Rutland water are the ones who say no take off and landing from their land. You can take off from the peninsula and just obey the drone rules.
I only seen the one sign whilst leaving informing of their ruling on drones, otherwise I would have taken off from the peninsula.

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I’m always checking the drone angel app or NATS before any flights, try to time my flights out of busy hours of day or night.
Less people will be around at day break. If anyone gets within my flight zones I just pack up and move on, seems to have given me an easier time than getting into heated arguments.
I will add I fly to my max distance most of the time So my TOLP area is safely clear and the wife is a regular spotter when needed

Try our own Dronescene, offers all the above and a lot more besides

Yep used it tonight for a trip out in morning around Oxfordshire :+1::+1:

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