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Hi all,

New Drone flyer in Newcastle. Have spent the last few days watching drone video after video. Theres so much info.

Would I be right in saying that the mavic mini 2 isnt subject to the same restrictions of a drone above 250 grams.

I am struggling to find a place where I can take my first flight just to make sure the drone actually works (bought on amazon prime day)

What advice would you give a newbie :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @andyroochoo and welcome to Grey Arrows :wave:t2:

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Welcome once again!

Hello and welcome @andyroochoo!

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Just started out myself a few weeks ago and I too was having trouble finding places to fly. So I asked here and the good folk gave a lot of useful advice on this thread…

What I took from that thread is basically, providing you follow the Drone Code, there are no signs to prevent you flying, you fly safely and respectfully with regard to others then with a under 250g drone we can fly pretty much anywhere there isn’t an airspace restriction. It is all about common sense and being sensible. Check for restrictions on Drone Scene or Altitude Angel.

I feel released now and am flying almost anywhere but I still don’t feel comfortable yet flying in very built up areas. There are more things to consider regarding people, cars etc but I will get there.

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Welcome @andyroochoo. I am in North Tyneside. Happy to show you my practice spots.

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Hi Andy - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

As already mentioned, Drone Scene is your friend and will inform you of any restrictions in flying a certain area.

The Mini 2 is sub 250 grams and, other than flight restriction zones like airports, prisons etc can be flown anywhere except over crowds. Would suggest you keep well away from people until you get a few flight under your belt. Pick a large open area without trees if possible - trees hate drones and will devour them on sight :laughing: :laughing:

Most importantly - relax and enjoy - we were all nervous for our first flights but that soon disappears - good luck :+1: :+1: :+1:


Hi Andy
Agree with everything that’s been said.
My friend let me fly his drone and I was so nervous I was practically shaking.
When I got my own, I was still nervous and after 15 minutes of flying I was knackered.
Trees - trees are the enemy. I let my brother have a go with mine and even whilst just explaining the controls, he managed to put it in a tree. Luckily it wasn’t one of the nasty trees (quite bushy) and so the drone was unharmed.
Now though, getting much happier to fly (with common sense) almost anywhere.

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thanks mollin, good to be here :smiley:

thanks. I am looking forward to going out again.

I can’t fly it locally as I’m in the red zone for newcastle airport so I have to travel a mile or two.

I will def avoid trees whenever I can, thanks for the advice

thanks Jhdee.

I used drone scene, someone else recommended an app called drone assist uk. Theres information overload at the moment but def keeping well away from people. I tried to find an isolated bit of land this morning, apart from the odd cyclist and dog walker, there was no one about.

Thanks for the advice

Hi i live in Hexham, had my air 2 just over a year, and have just purchased a mini 2, so i can fly in places my air 2 is harder to fly, i must admit it is quite nervy your 1st few flights, when your more confident, get down to the quayside, 1st thing in the morning preferably, when it is still quiet, it is a great place fly

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after my first flight I was pretty nervous about taking it too high. rather not loose it straight away :smiley:
I would prefer to take it to somewhere quiet. I considered somewhere like hexham/corbridge/wylam or somehwere like that.

Where have you taken off from on the quayside?

Most councils around Newcastle have a blanket drone ban unfortunately, however when I started I was recommended flying from Northumberland National park land because they allow drone flights as long as the drone code is followed, along with an operator and flyer ID. Practice above tree level and get used to control functions then try flying in a circle, a square and a figure of eight this really helped me learn. Enjoy :wink:

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I took off just up from the Millennium Bridge on the newcastle side of the river, the only thing you have to watch out for is the navel base on the otherside

Another Newcastle drone virgin here. Yet to take my 1st flight - Mini 3. Literally just registered yesterday. So I will watch this space for advice, recommendations and guidance. Cheers

Whilst we can’t fly in the restricted zone I was under the understanding that if we contact the tower at the airport first and get permission there shouldn’t be an issue.

I’ve emailed them twice with all the info they want i.e. Height duration location etc and they’ve not replied.

Am I expecting too much? Maybe they’re busy.

Any thoughts ?

@andyroochoo welcome

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