North Wales find - TSS Duke of Lancaster

Had a lovely weekend away down in North Wales this weekend and managed to get the drone up for a couple of quick flights. We saw this as we were driving along the coastal road and just had to stop to get some footage. I hope you like it.


As featured on Dronescene ;o)

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If only it had a route planner that could alert you to Points Of Interest on your journey. :laughing:

Thank you sir :blush:

Fair play sir, you managed to make that scruffy dump look quite nice there :wink:

Have they repainted it again, it was all covered in Graffiti (sorry street art) last time I saw it.

I remember that from years ago, having lived just down the coast a bit. They tried everything with that old ship hulk - a nightclub even! Interesting subject for video.

Cheers - Rob

Cracking suggestion for a flight. We will be trying that when we visit later this year. Thanks for the footage.

Yeah me too, remember many a happy night on that old heap cavorting around like a loon in my yoof - the guy had a good idea but sadly it was a money drain.