North-West Meet-up - 2nd July 2022 TBC - Location still under consideration

We have to do this again guys!

([Admin] In relation to, and moved from, North west meet-up - Sunday 8th September 2019)


Looking forward to seeing whoever organises it!

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Anyone any ideas on a location if someone did offer to organise :wink:

Anglezarke would still be an option again but people need to get up pretty early.


@group-northwest any other location ideas

Just in case someone would like to organise a meet up :thinking:

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Out of interest are there any specific requirements for a meet up location? My friend has a field with a private airstrip that is very rarely used and it might be an option. (Lumb, Rossendale. BB4 9PQ). Zoom out from the postcode on dronescene and you can see it.

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Only that there is a cafe/pub nearby

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Look like a good place for a meet to me with a pub around the corner :grinning:

Hargreaves Arms
01706 215523

If we would have exclusive use of the airstrip for the weekend then this could be ideal,
The FPV guys can set up race gates on the airstrip and loads of outlying sites for the ‘cameradrone’ guys.

and Wayne @Sparkyws has found us beer, food and lodgings, :clap: :clap: :clap:


Ok great I will ask about using the field. Any preferred dates by anyone?

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This location would be perfect for me…

I can highly recommend it for food. Not a beer drinker so I’m afraid I can’t comment on the quality of ale, but there seems to be a steady supply of locals use it.

Count me in for FPV fun!

Ask to see if they have any

For me June 1̶1̶t̶h̶ 18th 25th

Wayne the Big Meet is over the 10,11,12 June, are you not coming? :scream:

I am coming, just got me knicks in a twist and thought it was the wk 4th :star_struck:


Glad to hear it mate, youll be able to get your pink tutu in a twist that weekend :laughing:

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Ok spoke to my friend this morning and it’s a go for using the airstrip and field :grin: just discussing dates with him now.

Preferred meet up date

  • 2nd July
  • 9th July

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