Now I'm really scared - lost connection again

Sorry, maybe should’ve tacked this onto my last thread but I just had a really bad experience.

Having suffered a connection loss on my last flight, I flew again tonight and yes, it happened again, downlink loss 4 times!

First I went up to 120m and quite a distance away, lost connection, panicked a bit because I was over trees and it said auto landing - nooooo! Then I realised it had activated RTH on connection loss and was already directly above me, so auto landing was fine.

The home point was quite a way from where is should’ve been so I cancelled auto landing and flew around to the house to inspect the gutters!

All good, down into the back garden and hovered about 3’. Don’t know why the log says minus 2.

Lost downlink again, no panic, it’s only 3’ off the grass. Suddenly it shot up to RTH! I swear it flew BETWEEN the 3 440V overhead wires and went to the home point, which was luckily over a patch of short grass and landed safely.

Here’s the log. Not sure how to make it show up, can you help, Dave? DJIFlightRecord_2019-10-04_[18-33-08].txt (1.8 MB)

Lots of irelevant warnings, the wind was fine, the braking was because I was flying near the roof. The terrible worry is with 4 loss of connection in one flight, that I’ve now got a dodgy drone that I can’t trust. Is it grounds to send it back to Drones Direct, even though I’ve accepted it?

“Down into the back garden” suggests you flew lower than where you were - so minus 2 foot is probable.
During a flight all heights are relative to take-off … not above the ground.


I would say the collective evidence is that they should replace. But I also reckon you may have a fair old battle on your hands.

Send that bloody thing back Ash !, sounds a right dum dum drone to me !!.


Send it back mate. Dont matter if you have accepted it, its faulty.

Clearly the reason the last person returned it.


Trouble is …

10 or more sats before takeoff?
Did you check the HP was set accurately?
(Forgive the obvious questions :+1:)
Are you in CE or FCC mode?
I’ve lost connection @ less than 200m before now on the M2Z :frowning:

When I had my Spark I lost connection once within 30m of takeoff point AND I hadn’t waited for a good Sattelite lock before takeoff AND I didn’t check the homepoint - I had to chase it down the road to where it decided to try and land - funny now - wasn’t then! - This made me stupidly cautious ever since about satellite lock.

Like Dave said - I wouldn’t worry too much about a small difference in height reported when it was near the ground.

14 day window is for returning goods you dont want.

If its faulty and within 30 days, you can return for a full refund or replacement.

After 30 days the retailer must offer you a repair or replacment.

Given the history with the drone I dont think they could argue.

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But it IS second hand, and he got a deal because of the proof that it had been previously used.
Like a second hand car … by the time he’d seen it and negotiated the discount … it becomes “Sold as seen”.

I agree Callum !, send the sodding thing back !.

@ash2020 mate you’re having a nightmare with these things lately!

As above, cut your losses, it’s not worth the worry on every flight wondering if it’ll behave or fuck off in to the sunset on its own - you’ll never see any enjoyment from it if you’re worrying about it on every single flight.

I don’t know the legalities re sale of goods but mate, find a way to get shot of this thing :confused:


He took a discount but the contract is on the original terms at time of purchase, his statutory rights are not affected by the payment.

Even if you buy refurbished goods you still have the right of expecting them to be accurately described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.


But that is the exact point … it wasn’t satisfactory when he negotiated the discount because of that.

At the end of the day, I’d reckon the seller is going to hold his ground for as long as possible.
Meantime Andrew doesn’t have a drone … and it could even end up going legal if Drones Direct just refuse to play ball.

HOPEFULLY they do play ball … I’m just saying what plenty of iffy businesses would do, and we know already (on just this transaction) that they really don’t play by the book.

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Like @PingSpike has said, @ash2020, time to not worry about why it’s doing what it is, or not doing what it should be. There is no chance you’ll be comfortable flying it anywhere … let alone over water.

Time to try and get your money back from Drones Direct.


His original purchase was for a new unboxed drone, that was the contract entered and detailed on his receipt.

He was sent a used drone and accepted a discount which was probably gesture of goodwill to keep the drone, this dosent affect the original contract in any way. The goods were still (at that point) satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.

It’s only now that he has found out the goods are not fit for purpose and as within 30 days entitled to a full refund.

I really dont think it will be a problem after highlighting the previous issues and GDPR breach again.

@ash2020, I’ve got a few good templates for contacting them if you need some help. I used to volunteer at CAB.


I may be mistaken, but I seem to recall it was a Drones Direct refurbished unit.

No was new item, unsealed.

… errrrr … sealed? :wink:

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No, that was “down”, from the gutter inspection. The back garden is exactly the same level as the take off point, give or take a few inches.

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If you ask me, I reckon they knew of it’s problems and were only to pleased to get shot of it !.
If it was me I’d fight it to the court door, on principal !.

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