On the fence about the Mavic Air 2?

In case any one is interested or on the fence about the MA2 I emailed DJI asking about the current pricing of the drone and in what circumstances we may be able to “trade” in a MA2 when ADS-B is or even when it is released here through their refresh program this was the response I got (sorry if it’s already been mentioned)

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I don’t think anyone was expecting anything else :blush:

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Well that was a waste of bandwidth when only the last paragraph was all that was needed, though a typical long winded DJI reply.


Typical DJI cop out response.
They will grow balls, one day.
Here’s hoping.

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Looks like DJI still intending to sell the MA1 at near MA2 pricing. Very, very strange.

As your “on the fence” I guess the key question is does it offer anything that your current drone doesn’t ?
And then “Is the price worth that difference ?”
For a new flyer then maybe fair enough to buy, but if you already have a Mavic is it really worth it ?
For me, like the Mini, the answers were NO.

I’m getting crazy! With everything we know about the mavic air 2 (good and bad) should I buy this drone or not? My concern is obviously related to the missing hardware that the UK ‘model’ doesn’t have. A professional and objective opinion would be much appreciated!
Thank you!


Your asking for a professional point of view on here. Good luck with that.

It’s a case of “you pays your money, you takes your choice”

If you have reservations don’t buy it yet.
If the money is burning a hole in your pocket then buy it.



1st drone?

He’s dropped a tenner on the lottery :joy:

Personally, especially when it concerns a new release from DJI, I would hold off for a couple of months. Being an early adopter of a DJI product usually translates into being an uncredited Beta Tester, and as sure as eggs is eggs is aching men’s feet there will be issues requiring firmware updates, at the very least.

For the time being stick with your MM and follow the DJI forum’s Air 2 subsection to see how things develop. I personally feel it’s tantamount to fraud for DJI to offer a product to the European Market with one of its much hyped features omitted without any form of redress to the purchaser.






Not sure how much of a game changer having to use DJI Fly is, check out a few comments on my thread here

Personally if I was in the market for an A2 I’d wait for Litchi support.

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Just watched a new vid on YouTube, now wether it was user error or not I don’t know but the guy said, that when he switched the A2 into Quickshot a mode, although it was set to film in 4K, it then shoots in 1080/60. Maybe @ianinlondon could confirm this for us? Might be worth knowing if your into your orbits, and POI’s.

Despite a full day flying and messing around with it, I didn’t try any of the quickshots today (but the active track is truly amazing… refused to crash into trees no matter how hard I tried to make it… :rofl: )
I had also read that Quickshots were 1080 so I think this is how it’s programmed. Will try that tomorrow…



Nice one Ian, looking forward to the reviews :ok_hand:

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Active Track; never been a great fan; always thought it would hit trees… apparently not… :smile:


Watched it last night the active track and obstacle avoidance seemed to do a great job, can’t wait for more videos :+1:t2:


Thanks Ian for you first impressions video, looks like a incredible piece of kit.


Also watched last night, great video demonstrating the active track :ok_hand: seemed to cope very well.
Looking forward to another review, also would be good to know if it does in fact switch to 1080 in Quickshots and if this can be overridden to shoot in 4K

If like me you use both quick shots and standard filming in your movies, I’m guessing rendering them in 4K wouldn’t really work? Thoughts?