Pano at Iford

It was a lovely afternoon today so ventured out with the drone for a short flight. The main reason was to try out a hand launch and recover handle I got ages ago but have not had the chance to test it. It worked really, I was sitting down but I would need a lanyard for holding the controller if I was standing up.

Anyway here is the Pano

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Love to see a picture of your hand launching device. Was it a success?

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I will try to set up a camera on a tripod and film it in the garden. Yes it was a success, I used the auto take off which was easy, and flew it close enough to reach hold of it and most times it went into land without doing anything else.

If it is not raining I’ll try to do it tomorrow. I’ll post as a separate posting but i’ll post a link on here.

Here is the link for the video I made this afternoon demonstrating the launch handle I mentioned above.