Pano-Mania #1 - (aka The Great Pano Thread)

Following on from a couple of other threads in the last few weeks and the suggestion, thanks @OzoneVibe, that a panorama thread might interest a few people, I’ll give you my starter for 10, clicky below.

Taken last summer, Mavic Pro running Hangar360. Its about a mile from me as the crow flies and on my usual dog walking route. Its not the prettiest of places but I find it a fascinating photo subject.

Wiki info on Drax Power


Brilliant shot, love it.

Mine I posted yesterday in another thread but I’ll post again here.

Good to have a place for all the pano’s.


Cool here is one from Seafield Caravan Park in Northumberland

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I forgot how many of these I have actually taken, its good to have a place to share them other than with Facebook friends and groups.

Humber Bridge


That’s SUPERB!!!

"I hereby declare Hangar 360 the ultimate drone panorama-sphere app!"


here here

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I think given that its free and the ease of use it cannot be faulted, I’ve been using it since the early beta days, and its worth signing up for their beta program when it opens up again.

Ive tried litchi, GO and DronePan, nothing comes close in an all round package.


Last one from me for a little while, to give someone else a turn. This a little off to the left from where I live, again on the dog walk route.

Drax Power, as well as Eggborough and Ferrybridge powerstations in the shot too.

Dont let anyone tell you that North Yorkshire is full of moors, this little corner is far from it

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What’s the difference with Hangar links posted? The ones that show like an advert I can turn off the accelerometer mode and just drag but ones that are just a link I can’t.

Not sure if its the difference between v1 &2 of the app. They all work fine on my MacBook using Safari.

I’ll have a play around

EDIT - Changed them to how V2 seem to display, should be ok now

They all open and work the same for me. They all make me jealous! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a love hate relationship with IOS, I have used Apple computers since 1995 and love them, the iPhones I go through 2 them jump back to Android, but having just bought an Apple Watch (brilliant) I guess I am tied for a while.

Hanger is a big part of my flying routine, I never seem to have the time to edit movies ;o(


To keep the thread going, heres Hatfield Main Pit as it stands now, great site for a wander round if UrbEx is your thing.


It’s been a silly day …

Been wanting to do this for ages! :stuck_out_tongue:

Need to remember the image sequence better to jump into frame at the right time and in the right position. :+1:


Walked 6 miles to the hospital for blood doning, walked a 10 mile route home … via this woodland.

Whilst a lot of my life has been around this part of the world, I never knew these woods existed.

They’re north of Southampton General Hospital, and just south of the M27.


Bishop Wood Selby

Bring on the summer and good light


HAHA, that’s brilliant :clap: :+1: :+1:

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Next time I’ll take a printout of the image sequence of the MP doing Photosphere … make marks on the deck and move to the correct positions. :slight_smile:

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They ask you repeatedly not to do anything strenuous after donating…

But thanks for being a donor :1st_place_medal:

I did blood for a while, then spent a year or two doing platelets but work etc got in the way so back to regular bloods now :+1:

I realised, as a retiree, I have no bloody (!) excuse!
Next one already booked.