Parrot Disco Modification


I found these mate:




Makes perfect sense, especially considering the wind chill factor at 40mph when the ground air temp is what, +5C at best these last few weeks??

Does anyone make some kind of heater element or heat ‘probe’ that you could attach to the back of the camera unit, just to keep that chill off it until summer arrives?


… you’re flying near the speed of light when things shorten in the line of motion changing the focus?
Possibly …
Possibly not …


Dave are you on the beer or wine again tonight lol?


Cheers Rich, so I’m getting from that it takes some of the blue out the sky.

I’ll hopefully find out first-hand tomorrow.

Someone did rig up some kind of heater, it worked great until it melted the sensor.


IF you were flying at such speeds, Lorentz Contraction would do just that!
This is a fact! No alcohol involved. :wink:


Learn something new every day.

Flying might be a tad boring circling the earth 7 times a second though.


Boring? You reckon? Piloting skills would need to be epic. One little twitch and it’s the moon or the ocean. :wink:


That’s what waypoints and autopilot are for. :wink:
If you programmed 1 revolution would you even notice it had left?


Only when it hit you in the back of the head within a fraction of a second.


I’ve revised the bottom mount to follow the curvature of the Disco canopy.


Interested to see how this works out and how easy it would be to adapt to other cameras.


Some of the parts I ordered arrived…


The camera mount is complete so here is the mock-up, I’ll be glueing the base to the canopy with… aaagh! can’t remember what it’s called now type of silicone.


That awesome!
I’ve just ordered a run cam 2 for mine. Great idea :+1:t3:



Brilliant job. Looks like it would be a ideal for a session 5 as well.


Let me know if you’d like a print you two, @Ashmav and @callum


Was it Sikaflex adhesive?



I’d love a print if it wouldn’t be too much hassle mate. I’d obviously square you up for materials and postage.

No rush though, still deciding on what cam to get.


Great work on this, looks just the ticket. Kudos to you for the design.