Parrot Disco Modification


No that does’nt sound right, but no worries the stockists are here in my town. When I see it I’ll remember it “l’m getting old” it’s super strong.


Three things happen to you when you get old …
1 - your hair turns grey,
2 - your skin turns wrinkly,
… and I forget what #3 is.




I’d love a print to!!!
Be spot on for my run cam to perch on. Let me know what you would like for your trouble and I’ll fire it over to you. Be Much appreciated.


Ash, I think your right with the runcam 2. Low cost and the quality is superb vs price.

Have you watched this?

Think I’m sold.


Been over it over and over Callum. Toss up between the 2 really and I Still come back to the run cam 2. Why I went for it in the end. Think for the money it’s a no brainier


That Runcam looks awesome for the money. I personally would still choose the Session for its waterproofing, opening up the ability to use it in water sports etc but if that’s not your thing then the runcam looks pretty hard to beat.


@Ashmav and @callum, Just to let you know that my mount consists of a carbon plate which is the top part black and the 3D printed part yellow. I’ll need to print you a top and bottom.



By experiment “lost a camera in a crash” you’ll need to run a thin cable tie through but loose enough to allow the balls to do their job.
Make sure to lubricate the balls with washing up liquid then pull them through using cotton thread, otherwise, they are a pain and you risk snapping something.
The anti-vibration balls I bought from HobbyKing; it’s wise to buy three different densities to experiment with the different colours reffer to the different densities.


Interesting video comparing the cameras, but both made me want to hurl - I guess I haven’t got my Drone Legs yet!


That’s how I had (and still have) my H33D gimbal on my P2 … rather than the ridiculously expensive, “use once only” pins that DJI supplied.


Two conclusions from that vid …
a) I’d go for whichever one comes with those flying skills included in the box, and …
b) I’d not go with the one that means you have to look like you’re standing next to a fence, having a pee, when you’re flying.


Here we are, this is my goto it holds anything with a grip that’s tighter than a ducks a£$£"!s and I found a new tube in the shed. I’ve used it for various aircraft build’s and it’s great for motor mounts, wings crash repair and more.


One set done…:slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry to hear you lost your camera. :grimacing: appreciation you printing a set out for us. So as long as I Remember to lube my balls ill be all good? :grimacing::grin:.


Are these the same anti vibration balls?


They might be ok as long as they fit the holes, remember to check the weight of your camera and buy the correct weight balls.




Cheers I’ll get a better look later and get a selection.


@Ashmav Printed and posted, any mods that you may need once you have your camera, just let me know.


PM me when you are ready @callum