Parrot Disco Modification


Super star Njoro.
Thanks for sorting one for me. Just waiting for my RunCam to show now


@callum, posted


Superb mate. Cheers!


The camera arrived today, Eachine 1000TVL CCD

These will now feed my goggles RE whether I’m using the Disco controller or the Taranis. The telemetry will be missing but the point of my experiment is to fly with minimal lag while recording at 1080p…” It’s really just tinkering “

I’ve a bit of an issue with the Mobius camera being too noisy for the Disco GPS antenna at the preferred mounting point.

The foil works well as a RF shield, I’ll be looking at some other solution for the shielding.


What issue were you getting without the tinfoil?


It knocks out the GPS lock when the camera is in recording mode. It’s a known issue with the older Mobius although they improved it a lot. The Disco GPS is just behind the switch so anything giving off RF at that location my impair it’s Function.


Received mount today mate.

Just waiting on anti Vibration balls and camera.

Thanks again for that.


You’re welcome, which camera are you going to mount? It will be interesting to see if you have the same issue.
If it does it maybe a case for a reprint of the mount to make it taller and angled to mount it farther back.


I’m still torn between the runcam and session 5. Runcam looks ideal but session 5 would be cool to take on holiday.
Will decide when the anti Vibration balls get here.

I’ll experiment with position. If I need any more height will use a nylon or ptfe shim.


I’ve wired the UBEC with a JST-XH to power it off the balance lead. Using a Y lead to connect the Camera and VTX all set at 7V.

The VTX needs a heat sink, so on order is a tube of thermal conductive glue.

The 1000TVL image is awesome :sunglasses:


From the previous photos I didn’t expect them to be so small.

Have you got an estimate of total weight weight you will be adding?


Here is the airborne added weight…69g :slightly_smiling_face:

The RX in this photo isn’t the one I’ll be using, but it’s close enough for the weight.


That’s incredible.


That’s pretty dam cool


I have an issue with downloading the video footage from the Disco. It says the “Device in use”. Has anyone had this?


Sorted, drivers reinstalled.


Lates Mod


I managed a 5 minute flight just before some rain and also after a long day flying two sites. The video is really bad due to the wrong anti-vibration balls which are for another heavier camera. I’ll be ordering the 80g and 100g to test. The camera angle is too much but now I know where to aim for next time out.

Here are some stills from the Mobius.


Colours look spot on, are they edited at all??


Not edited 1080p, It’s great for FPV as it hooks up to a video TX via the USB.