Parrot Disco Modification


I found this for focusing the Disco camera.


Aarrrghhhh! My eyes!!! Can I have them back, please? :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy: I’m still feeling my way around the house.




Ready to be mounted :+1:


Those balls look right, din’t the camera come with a cradle?


These are the 8o’s Njoro. Fit perfect. Yeah have go the cradle but doing it this way fits nicely between the rubbers. Not sure what method of mounting yet. But I’ll have a play tonight


More testing of the Mobius camera, There is quite a bit of vibration getting through which may mean that the Disco prop is not balanced or I need to test lighter balls.


The Disco does a not bad job with its electronic stabilisation when you see that.

Does the Mobius have EIS?


No and that’s why it needs to be mounted on balls, the camera does boast a very comprehensive GUI for user configuration unlike the Parrot which Is limited to AWDR.

Each airframe has it’s own harmonics when it comes to mounting cameras on the fuselage. I’ll be testing lighter balls when I get to order some more.

It’s obvious that my Disco Camera is out of focus, I’m now thinking of trying the focus hack.


Took the hacksaw to the Disco Camera. I’m experimenting with Metric threads,to see if it’s possible to print a threaded insert or whatever the workflow will dictate.



“Well the printer was able to print M10X0.5 threads”

Here is the test piece.

Now to design and print somethingmebob.


Sooooo many possibilities with 3D printing!!


Getting there, this is the quickest and easiest way without having to print an entire housing.
The bush is very close tolerances, which allows it to screw in.


So are you going to fix bush inside at base of camera housing?


I was going to do that but changed my mind because it means having to remove the housing away from the sensor to glue the bush in place.
I thought about printing an entirely new housing with threads at the sensor end but I’m not confident that I won’t damage something while peeling the sensor mount off the glue.
I’ve had to put some tape in front of the bush to stabilise the lens module from moving off centre, the gap is too small to print with my 0.4mm tip. A point 0.2 may do it so I may revisit it after I test this setup when the Disco battery has been charged.

PS. I toyed with the idea of drilling 3 small holes near the base to use grub screws to hold the bush in place.
It’s a work in progress at the moment, we’ll see.


Ok I think I understand, so the bush is an interference fit on the camera body and when you press it down into housing you can then adjust by screwing in or out.

Keep us updated.


Yes,but also threaded so the lens doesn’t play loose.

Test pieces.


It’s a great idea. If the threads are tight enough it would allow adjustment for whatever conditions your flying in.
Most other mods I’ve seen involved fixing the lens with glue once focus is set.

What about a drop of loctite on outside of bush to hold it in place.


I would have gone for a grub-screw … easier to make adjustments.