Pennington Flash ...gone wrong

My first attempt at creating a 360 pano, and it appears to have gone wrong.
I put it together by first editing the 26 images in photoshop for colours etc, then stitching them together with DJI Media Maker as photoshop just made a mess.

This is what I ended up with on Kuula

Hi @Andy_B what drone did you use?

Any chance you can upload the originals to a google drive or wesendit and I’ll take a look ?


Thanks Chris
I should have said, Min i2

Here’s a link to the folder with the DNG’s and edited jpgs

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Andy, I’ll take a look later his afternoon unless someone beats me to it


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Link isn’t working for me

The site wont allow me to put a one drive link in…
Try this one?

When you did your pano, it ‘should’ save the 26 shots as well as a 360 jpeg all in one like…

This will be in your DCIM folder not the pano folders.

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Maybe thats where I have gone wrong.
I dont have the one from the DCIM folder…Ive never tried messing with these before, and it was only by luck i still have the panorama folder.
So you just use that one and not do any stitching at all to do these?

I just use the one photo

upload it to kuula

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Isn’t that only of you process it in the app?

When I did one the other day - I had an html file in the DCIM under the number 0004 and in the panorama a subfolder with 26 images in.

Think I’ve just read that you have got to have

Shoot in : JPEG & RAW enabled. Mine just go straight to my DCIM :thinking:



How did you do that?

I attempted to stitch it on my desktop and it was even worse than Andy’s attempt.

Stitched the 26 in LightRoom Choose Spherical then uploaded to Kuula.


My young padawan :wink:

Of you go into the media folder in the app (while connected) the single image will be there for yiu to view , just tap it to look at it and it downloads to your phone camera folder (it does on iOS anyway) then upload that to kuula as Steve has

That much better, not the greatest photo, but for the purpose of testing this out, its all I had available.
Still not sure of the best way to get these done though :slight_smile:

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The easiest way is to take that one photo that should get produced at the same time as the 26.
check your drone settings/camera: JPEG & RAW as the single image you want is JPEG.

if you don’t have the one 360 photo then just stitch the 26 in which ever editor you use but in the Spherical option. once that’s exported then you upload that single photo to Kuula.


Mac or Windows ?

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My attempt - one is clearly missing half the sky - only shot in jpg - that drone hadn’t been set up for raw

stitched in LRC

Stitched in the app