Permission to fly in a Flight Restriction Zone, possible?

Hello all,

I am relatively new to flying drones, and very new to Grey Arrows.

I have a question that I am sure members will be able to help me with. I would like to get some drone footage along the river in downtown Leeds, but I see that as a result of the nearby airport, this area is restricted.

I will be using a sub 250g drone at a height not exceeding 50 meters.

It would be very helpful to know if permission to fly in areas like these can be obtained, and if so, how and where to start the process of obtaining such permission.

Thank you.

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I have just been given permission to fly in the NFZ of my local airport.
I went to the airport website, and found a link to ask for permission… you have to provide name, phone number etc, as well as the lat/long of where you want to fly, how high, what radius, what time etc.

It was a straight forward process, and I got a response a few days later. I guess it all depends on if they think what you are doing is safe.

Give it a go, they can only say no :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the suggestion. I’ll give it a go.

There are no “no fly zones”, just restricted airspace which you may need permission to fly in.

One method has already been discussed which is getting permission directly from the aerodrome. Some aerodromes or other flight restriction zones will need you to go through NATS instead though, which will need a longer lead time typically than approaching the aerodrome directly.

The search icon (magnifying glass at top right) will help you look for the many threads about flting in restricted airspace.

This is your starting point for info on flying in FRZs

These are the two useful links that, if you look at the Aerodromes sections, will give contact numbers:

Also look for individual airfields on the net as manty prefer an email or their own contact form to be filled in.

@TeeCee start by ringing ATC, most are surprisingly helpful.

You can find all the phone numbers on Drone Scene (log in using your GADC account):

See here:

And the best advice ever:



You should also make sure the red area on the map is actually a FRZ and not just a CTR. I know that I found this very confusing at first.

None of the city centre is in the FRZ for Yeadon Airport ;o)

Hi TeeCee,

If where you want to fly is outside of Leeds Airport FRZ (Flight Restriction Zone), BUT as you say in a Restricted Area you should request permission for a Non-Standard Flight from NATS (National Air Traffic Services). It’s an online form, no trick questions and can take up to 21 days to receive a response. That said, they are much quicker than that.

The website is: Click on ‘Drone and Model Aircraft’ and it takes you straight to the form.

If you wish to fly within the FRZ then phone Leeds Air Traffic Control (ATC) and they’ll tell you what they need.

If any of this seems daunting - it isn’t! The world of aviation is stuffed with nice, helpful and humorous people who are ready to help. Heck, just look at this website!

Good luck!

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Contact LBA direct, as they are not managed by the NFS portal.

@Nidge is our resident LBA expert, perhaps he can offer assistance.

Isn’t that something I suggested was lacking last year but realised it would be a hell of a lot of work for someone to implement?

I must have missed that in the regular Drone Scene updates

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to add that, Drone Scene is even more the one-stop solution to flight planning!


Yup, you did.

I did I credit you in the release notes too :blush:


I can’t see you having a problem in downtown Leeds as that is Class D Airspace, as long as you have the correct cover for the type of drone you’re flying (ideally A2CoC if more than 250g). Just be mindful/respectful of persons and property. Also note that there’s a NOTAM in force on 2nd July for a fly past which means no Drones in that area.

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Thank you for your help. I very much appreciate it.

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to help with this question. It’s been a tremendous assistance to me.

Interesting!! Thank you very much.

That’s great information. Thank you so much.

Pleasure! I’m relatively new to this site too but you have come to the right place. There are some very experienced and knowledgable members here and IF, heaven forbid(!) you have a prang, there’s a repair shop in Brighton offering a discount for members. The info is somewhere here… I won’t dig it out coz of course you’ll never need it!

When I need to obtain permission to fly around a Cornish engine house nr Helston, I just rang the control tower at Culdrose, gave them the lat/long and time.