PfCO course, help please


Next week I undertake a 2 and a bit day course for PfCO.

I have extremely limited fly time with my drone.

What does the safe use of drone aspect cover please (I assume it is more than take off and landing) ?

How should I prepare for this aspect of the course?

Thanks all, I’m worried about this, recent health issues mean\have meant that I have had limited fly time opportunity.

Ta all, :+1:


I suggest you speak to some of the members who have already taken their PfCO.
They can give you more idea of what is expected.
I would think an orientation flight , would include , flying towards you, away from you, flying a circle, flying a square/rectangle, reverse manoeuvre.
and a predetermined circuit to an obstacle, and maybe around it.
I am just surmising here !.
Best ask the guys who have done it !.
Come on guys where are you all !!!.
( @sparkman999 , etc )


By the way, who are you doing your PfCO with, and where abouts in the country, that may give someone on here some idea to what you would be expected to do?.
You may even find someone who done their training with the same Company.
Any idea’s @callum you are close ?.


I have absolutely no idea, don’t know anyone with PfCO.

From what I’ve read on here, the flight part is just basic orientation, flying squares. I’d like to think some form training was provided if required though.


I agree Callum, I would think that suitable training in what they require would be given.
@rorymax, I would not worry too much, they really just want to see that you are confident in your operation of the drone.


What he said…

Chris has just about covered the flight
Also the pre flight test checking list battery connection’s, props and drone condition
Say all clear and ensure people not under your control are a significant distance away from you one other thing I was told is to take off to 10ft if you only have limited space less chance of people 6ft plus walking into the drone


You can find one of these in the Members Only section
“GADC Drone Information Pack”
Most of it would still be relevant for the MP2.


Hi All,

As usual you have given really helpful and positive replies, many thanks :+1:.

My course is with and I have only positive feedback about them.

I’ve had a couple of brief chats with a couple of the course organisers and all seemed very positive, they sound like the kind of people that can find solutions to little obstacles, so I’m pretty confident in choosing to train with them, I could have taken courses much closer to home but my instincts led me to UAV8, we shall see :smile:.

Ta, again folks, encouraging help as usual, pretty edgy\nervy about it all, this time next week it will be all good or up for re-evaluation :pensive:


All concerned with health and safety. You have to deal with fly aways, loss of GPS. Safe recovery etc


Na !, you’ll breeze it !, It’s only as daunting as you make it !
“Positive Vibes” coming your way !.
I am sure a lot of Member’s will be interested in your experience, and feedback of the course.


I have written an overview course of pfco for novice flyers. I can send it to you. Also download a simulator and practice atti mode flying


From my experiences the ‘flight test’ within the PfCO course is very variable and dependant on the approach of the course provider. Some will have you doing all sorts of manoeuvres (which require a lot of practice well beforehand) - others are simply looking if you can handle the craft safely. The vast majority of the flight test, regardless of course provider, will test your ability to fly in ‘ATTI’ mode to demonstrate that you can handle the craft if GPS positioning fails - and let’s face it GPS flying is a doddle! Again you will need to practice this ‘ATTI’ flying a lot, and in varying wind conditions as you cannot predict what the wind will be like on the day of your test.


I did my PfCO with them, without a doubt you are on the best course there is. I say that because being trained by Army Air Corps. Apache pilots and instructors must far exceed the skill sets of any other company’s instructors.

As for the Flight test. If you follow what the instructions teach on the course and can fly safely, you will pass it.

I found the hardest manoeuvre was the ‘Lazy figure of eight’

As army instructors, a student failure is more about them, than the student. Nothing is to much bother for them, Making sure the students have the skills to pass the required tests. Is what they are all about


Don’t want to hijack the thread, but quick question for you @greenjob on the lazy eight, do you fly it banked or stay flat and just yaw your way thorough?


Can you send it please Gadgerman, I will PM you, thank you for the kind offer, that’s nice of you.



Hi Asgard

Staying flat and just yaw your way through worked for me.


I will send to you tomorrow as it’s on my laptop at work