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Stunning picture @Sky_scater . The port in that direction is much bigger than I imagined, and your picture is a million times better than the view from Ikea top floor car park :slight_smile:


We are expecting great things from you now you have your new shiny Toy Les @Chann

No Pressure :wink:


@sunstone @pete @OzoneVibe @Chann Thanks a million guys! Only damn thing with posting a photo like this, is to keep the quality that high! Not sure how I’m going to get that right. At first it didn’t look that great on the i-Pad (the new addition) which have definitely changed my idea about i - products, looks like it’s good for something! Guess I might get a bit of flack from some Apple users… :wink:

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Love this pic. Great shot @Sky_scater. B&Q should be paying you for product placement.


Cheers Russell, yeah I agree!