Photographic Order of Merit Gallery


Thanks Russell, just a case of right place right time


er, “igotalittletoclosetheabbeywallwithmymavicpro” by chance?:rofl:


I couldn’t possibly comment.



SHHHHUSH!, your secret is safe with me !!:smirk:


Epic shot . Well deserved @Paul_M


Thanks Joe


Awarded on 17/02/2019

@Sky_scater original post


Well deserved Stef !, Great Picture of one of our Major Ports.


Well done stef
See insomnia does pay off


I agree, great photo Stef, well deserved


@chrisjohnbaker @sparkman999 @BrianB

Thanks guys! And to the committee for the reward! Not sure if I can post that on Instagram. Followed all the rules but perhaps there might be some security issues. Although the port doesn’t show up on the insurance app as a no fly zone.


Well done mate, love this :+1:


You can probably see as much information on Google Maps, though won’t look as good as that! :joy:


Thanks @Paul_M Yes true @BrianB but I’m sure they don’t do it with the same passion… :grin:


Really loving the colours on this, nice work!