Taken with the Mavic 2 Zoom


Absolutely Stonking that picture, everything leaps out at you !.


Thank you Chris.

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Need to put that one in the GADC Competition !.

Oh Cheers mate, I don’t know about the GADC I’m new to the Grey Arrows.

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GADC (Grey Arrows Drone Club)

By the way, a big welcome to GADC Frank, go to the Introductions Section, and introduce your self, and, add yourself to the Members Map.

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HaHa yeah, think I was having a blond moment, drone club :blush:

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for me it’s a dementia moment 23 hrs 59 minutes of the day !.
Welcome to the mad house, you’ll get use to our quirky banter !

Wowzers! What a brilliant pic. Please do not enter that into the competition :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Seriously good. Did you edit the pic at all? Which lens did you use?

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I think the tile of the post tells you that Lozzer?

I’m still finding my way around I only joined yesterday, a little bit different to Facebook. I was in the Mavic Pro owners group on Facebook but this seems so much better, there was a lot of bickering and criticism on it between members. a friend recommended This group and I’m glad he did.


Thanks mate, bit of Post editing in Lightroom Lozzer

Well, as I always say " you only get out, what you put in" and we are a friendly bunch of (some elderly) old farts, who love a laugh, have meet ups around the country, sink a few pints, eat a curry ( :poop: ) and when we
“feel the need, for speed” just let rip with our second best friend ! (the drone)

Looking forward to some meets, can be a lonely hobby at times stood in a field on your own.:grinning:

Where are you in the Uk?

Conisbrough near Doncaster

The “boys” @milkmanchris and @sparkman999 are having a Afternoon Meet at “The Humber Bridge” over the next week or so, if you are interested?.
They had a blast last time !

Yes Shane who told me about the GADC messaged me earlier and told me.

I would go, but i am away on a cruise them weeks

Know it well

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